Using convenience foods

“In theory, it is possible to live entirely on convenience foods, without suffering from any nutritional deficiencies. However, in practice, most people would not be able to tolerate such a diet and it would become monotonous. In terms of flavour, texture and appeal, there is no substitute for fresh foods” Extract from Food & Nutrition by Anita Tull.

Recently I was asked to comment on this: here is my response! Yes, I believe it is possible to live entirely on convenience foods but to what detriment?

How healthy will you be and what quality of life will you have as you age, those would be my main concerns. We all know convenience foods are highly processed with additives, salt, sugars, sweeteners etc and are all heat treated in some way therefore killing the live enzymes which may have been present in the food depending on what the dish was made up of to begin with.

I certainly do not recommend convenience foods to my clients as they are empty foods devoid of life giving nutrients and laced with bad fats, additives and high in calories. Fresh fruit and vegetables eaten in a juiced state or in the form of a raw salad is equipping the body with enzymes, minerals, vitamins, micro-nutrients which the mind and body needs to function properly, produce abundant energy and feed every cell in the body.

These micro-nutrients will help the body fight diseases and build up a strong immunity. These live fresh foods allow the body to heal on every level. Convenience foods create food cravings for even more crap as the body is constantly in a state of need and starvation from a nutrient point of view. Convenience foods merely fill you up with food but do not feed the body on any level from a nutritional and body restoring point of view. Many people would disagree with the monotonous point of view as those people who are hooked on convenience foods cannot taste real food in the form of fresh fruit, veg, nuts, seeds etc as their tongues and taste buds are completely destroyed and poisoned from sugar and salt, so initially they find fruit and veg tasteless and boring as they love all the sugary stuff.

Once they start to treat the body however with some respect and feed it vital life giving nutrition their taste buds start to change and they can taste the freshness and vitality of the juicy fruit and vegetables. There really is no comparison with someone who is on a diet of fresh fruit and veg and someone who eats mainly convenience foods, the person who eats fresh fruit and veg glows from the inside out in the majority of cases with loads of energy, passion and enthusiasm for life, they are most likely to be at their correct weight and in good shape.

Those who overeat on junk convenience foods largely are overweight, fed up with life, unhealthy and can have many poor health conditions and suffer low moods, sleep problems etc obviously other factors must also be considered as to a person’s lifestyle, emotional status, and so on.   But from a diet point of view I certainly love my fruit and veg and always have done, I think the variety of what you can do with them is endless, all you need is a healthy imagination which comes with a healthy mind and body to begin with! This is what I recommend to all my clients irrespective of age or symptoms….go green and go fresh as much as possible, it is a life-force within itself.