it just a simple little word? Part 2

Thanks for all your great feedback and interest from last weeks part 1  S.T.R.E.S.S which we covered S= Symptoms, T= Tension, and this week we have

R – reaction.. Stress, lands on all of our doorsteps at one point or another,  however we can chose to React or Respond. There is a big difference! I teach people with tips, techniques and skills how they can respond to the stressful situation or incident rather than reacting.

When we react we do so out of panic, anxiety, fear, worry, anger or frustration. All of these emotions rapidly deplete the body of nutrients and energy. When the body is relaxed it can respond. When you know how to respond it stresses the body much less.. Stress can literally freeze your body and choke your airways, leaving it difficult for you to breathe and panic attacks often occur. The body needs an ample supply of oxygen to feed all of its brain cells and every organ in the body. Without oxygen cells die and disease sets in. Increase your oxygen supply today, get some fresh air. Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth and practice holding it for as long as possible to increase the capacity of your lungs.

The easier you find it to breathe the greater clarity you will have to help you make clear decisions as to what you need to do to get you through the stressful times.  Aim to respond in a clear calm way rather than reacting and over-reacting. The latter only causes further stress on the mind and body. Vitamin C & B vitamins are very important in the diet in helping to combat stress

E= Energy depletion, when we are wound up, when we have sleepless nights twisting and turning, when we have knots in our stomachs, when we shoulder and neck tension, headaches and so on we will be lacking vital energy. Vital energy is having a good energy supply to enable us to get out of bed with ease, feel energised after eating, having enough energy to keep us going all day instead of having slumps. Stress of any kind especially longterm can take the wind out of us and leave us feeling exhausted. The quicker you can get the stressful situation under control the quicker the body will repair and heal.

See part 3 next week!