Spring Is in the air :-) Just the tonic for a happy heart Part 2

Last week in part one we spoke about our feelings and the impact of how we feel can have on the health of heart and bodies. so being true to yourself and being truthful to others in your life is vitally important for your health and happiness. On a physical level there are so many other nourishing steps which you can take and practice which include..
Aim to reach your optimum weight as soon as possible. Excess weight puts pressure on your heart as it has greater mass to feed.

Avoid smoking and second hand smoke as they are strongly linked to heart disease.

Get help with your managing your stress levels… Long term stress is damaging to every part of your mind and body. The body is designed to deal with short bouts of stress as it can quickly recover given the right conditions, of sleep, rest, inner happiness, healthy lifestyle…diet, exercise etc. I have helped so many clients over the years in overcoming panic attacks and the number one thing which they comment afterwards is how strong, calm and relaxed they feel in that relevant situation now and in other aspects of their lives too. So get the help you need as every part of your body is suffering when you don’t. Remember to let go of all fear and focus on living your life through love instead. It is not easy but it is so much more rewarding when you do.

A diet high in fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables and lots of greens ( as the are high in minerals) the building blocks of the body and reduce your intake of alcohol and processed foods and sugars. The elater foods only clog the arteries and slow your metabolism down and increase your weight.

Drink Plenty of water at least 6-8 glasses daily, is essential for a healthy heart and body.

Cook with good fats such as grape-seed oil, sunflower oil, rape seed oil, coconut butter /oil. Do not cook in olive oil or extra virgin olive oil as it is not heat stable, therefore when heated it creates free radicals which are very damaging to the body.

Reduce table salts which are basically just sodium chloride.This is found in processed foods and ordinary table salt/lo salt. Use instead himalayan rock salt or a real form of sea salt ( the more off white the colour the better, pure white sea salt is void of any goodness) which are high in several trace minerals which are an essential requirement for heart rhythm, fluid balance in the body and overall health and energy.

If you are on long term medication such as cholesterol lowering drugs you may benefit from taking supplements such as magnesium, B-Complex and Co Q10 enzyme. I will discuss more in depth about cholesterol and other heart factors in a followup article.