Nasal Allergies/Hayfever/Sinus problems Part 2

Part 2:

Mucus forming foods can definitely exacerbate the problem of sinusitis/hayfever symptoms. Foods such as bananas in excess ( more than 3-4 max per week) dairy foods, milk, yoghurts, cheese etc and high processed carb/starchy foods such as bread,pasta, confectionery, it is best to greatly reduce or avoid these foods altogether when symptoms are acute. Supplements such as Quercitin, magnesium/zinc/vit c, B-vitamins are all natural antihistamines, which help reduce puffy eyes and irritation in the nose/sinus area. Different people need different things to help them, but bear in mind there is a natural way to beat it. I lived on anti-histamines for years, one would work for a while, then I would need another, nothing really made any difference, until I worked on my entire system. Now I never touch an, anti-histamine nor do I need to avoid naturally high histamine foods, so I for one am very happy about that. There are many other things in the body which need to be checked and supported too but Now is the time to start eliminating those high histamine foods ( as we spoke about in last weeks article) as pollen season is right upon us. Garlic, onions & nettle tea are all good choices as they stimulate the liver to detoxify your system and reduce inflammation.

Other things which will affect the airways/sinus pathway are things like jaw misalignment or tense/tight jaw. Many people are being treated for sinusitis with all kinds of medication and the problem still persists because the underlying cause is not being treated. When stress levels are high nasal/nose problems are also made worse as the entire system is more sensitive due to the adrenals being overworked and producing the stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. As deficiencies occur over a period of time the immune system becomes more suppressed and the symptoms just keep getting worse, treatment with antibiotics will only surprise immunity even further when it is not a true bacterial infection. Infections can occur when for example the neck muscles are severely tight along with the jaw muscles so the tiny tubes of the nose, eyes and ears gets blocked so the mucus cannot drain away. Just like stagnant water, once it is there long enough nests will grow in it. I see this problem so often it is actually unbelievable. With all of this going on the uptake of oxygen into the blood can become impaired, for some people with oxygen levels below 97% or so can have major sinus problems, they can be affected by stuffy rooms, flying, sleeping in a room without proper ventilation etc To help improve all of these symptoms sim people will need high does of zinc, activated B6 or B12 or some other form of B vitamin, taking a multi vitamin or a B-complex rarely helps as they are not replenishing the deficient of the specific nutrient. My clients are blown away by the difference to being free from sinus problems, so you too can wave yours bye bye!