Make Looking after You, Part of Your Daily Routine!

I hope you are having a great week and enjoying the sunshine which is essential for Vitamin D. Get 10-15 minutes sunshine twice daily before 12pm and after 5pm without any sun-factors and you will see a rise in your spirits, your mood, your energy, your appetite, improved sleep, reduced aches and pains and lots more.. Although the sun is absolutely fantastic the benefits can be short lived as it’s not the panacea for all! Unfortunately we need a consistent routine for long term health.

The other day while working with a new client, she said to me.. “I suppose you have perfect health, I wish I was like you!!” I said of course my health is not perfect, what’s perfect? Being immortal and never getting an ache, pain or ailment?

I maintain a healthy lifestyle which I enjoy as part my daily ROUTINE…it’s who I am.. I have learned the hard way through years of ill health that I had to take responsibility for my own health and make lifestyle choices which were going to make me feel good.

Every day you have to work at this. My reply to the lady was.. I am human just like you and everyone else, I work long hours, I get naturally tired too, I get the odd cold, I have normal household chores to do, family/friend issues to deal with, the odd night sleepless night…I said to her, right now the only difference  between you and I is one thing…You currently do not have a consistent routine for looking after yourself, ‘you’ as in your health, your nutrition, your diet, your attitudes, your energy have not been a priority or a main focus of your lifestyle. This is a common occurrence due to conditioning, traumas, poor self-image, negative self-talk & lots more.

The problem with human nature is four fold

1. We put up with nagging health problems for far too long and the body over compensates

2. We blame others for a lot of what is actually wrong with us

3. We are very hard on ourselves..

4.We have never been thought how to prevent health problems.

I see these issues recurring repeatedly client after client. Looking after yourself should not be a chore, it simply should be about making good choices which benefit your health.

Let me show you how to be good to yourself with easy steps..

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