How healthy is your thyroid? (Part 1 of 2)

A lady came to me one day quite distressed because the previous treatment I had given her had made her feel on top of the world all because awe worked her on her sluggish thyroid. I was a little confused at first as to why if she felt so good she was so distressed over it, she explained she had been to numerous doctors not only in Ireland but also America and she was told her thyroid function was normal. She never felt it was normal and blamed it for her tiredness, her sluggish bowels, erratic digestive system, poor skin, excessive weight gain and lots more. She was frustrated as to why she had wasted all these years feeling under par!

Many people suffer from these undiagnosed and untreated symptoms for many years making life difficult.  “I had my thyroid tested and the doctor said it was fine”. This is true, as you maybe borderline, if this is the case you will be quoted as ‘normal’ due to the testing levels. I call the box syndrome, if you fit into the box you get put on thyroid medication normally for life, or else you are outside the box so you get no treatment whatsoever. In many cases all that are needed is a proper diet and reducing stress levels. It is absolutely necessary in some cases for people to be put on medication for a short period to help rebalance function, unfortunately in my experience that has never been the case, many are left on it for years on end, with the result being side effects of long term medication and the gland gets lazy and gives up functioning by itself. It is important while making any changes that you discuss them with your doctor or medical practitioner first.

Here are many of the common symptoms you need to be aware of…Slowing heartbeat, poor circulation, thinning dull lymph hair, weight change, low energy levels, blood pressure, metabolism and temperature imbalances, mental fogginess, low blood sugars, brittle nails, poor appetite, headaches, infertility, poor vision, memory, low libido, heavy periods, depression, high cholesterol, achy tired legs, difficulty getting out of bed in the morning…When I had adrenal exhaustion my thyroid was completely out of balance…morning times were always a dread. You may experience the same symptoms whether your thyroid is overactive or underactive, weight gain or weight loss being the biggest difference.


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