How Emotions affect your Gut

Over the last few weeks we have been talking about gut health and more specifically the labels and symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

Many people will agree that it is stress related and indeed it is for lots of people. When you feel stressed, your gut will tighten and go into spasm, when in spasm it can not perform peristaltic wavelike motions and therefore you can feel cramps, windy, very uncomfortable and stressed because of your discomfort. Stress of all kinds can cause tension in the body but the gut is specifically related to three emotions.

Firstly, grief… your bowels can get upset and the ileo caecal valve can weaken when you suffer any kind of loss or death of a loved one. Sometimes the shock of these events can be enough to completely knock the whole balance out of balance. So if you have suffered shock in any form recently you may need treatment for it. Grief can also come in the format of others giving you grief or hassle. This can really affect your self-esteem and self-confidence, you may need help in addressing these issues and also supporting the body so it to can heal.

The second emotion is also linked to grief but more specifically how you feel about yourself. If you have negative, self-destructive, self-sabotaging, critical thoughts about yourself, dislike yourself and are hard on yourself, then more often than not these thoughts will too affect your gut health. Healthy thoughts and clear healthy mind = healthy digestive function and healthy gut.

Thirdly, the emotion of holding on too tightly! Fear of letting go. Ask yourself, what are you holding on to? You have got to be able to let go. Holding on causes the bowels to hold on too and is a huge cause of constipation. It can be holding onto old values or beliefs, it can be holding on too tightly to money, afraid there will not be more or you will not have enough, it can be holding on too tightly to a relationship or job which is not working.

It is not easy to step forward into the unknown but holding on for dear life restricts you and limits you and therefore prevents you for fully and truly living your life to the full in a happy, wholesome healthy way. All of these issues and more have arisen through the years while working with people, it is amazing sometime shy even acknowledging the problem how quickly things start to move in the body. Find a way to let go of your toxic thoughts and emotions and thereby unleashing some of the weight and toxicity in your body too.

Writing out how you feel, talking with a friend or getting professional help all help in eliminating clutter, waste and toxicity from our lives, so what are you waiting for?. Believe and trust, take a step forward and reap the benefits of feeling and looking great. (yes, the skin is directly linked to the gut) but that’s for another day.

Wishing you abundant health.