Happy Heart Part 3 ( Homocysteine)

You need to know about this…

Heart diseases, heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, dementia, foggy brain/concentration difficulties, thyroid problems, chronic fatigue, fertility problems,high cholesterol, high blood pressure, migraines, general feelings of being unwell and swelling of limbs for no apparent reason…all to name just a few!…yes you have all heard of these…have you heard about the possible hidden cause? The big H Factor = Homocysteine.

Homocysteine is produced naturally in the body from an amino acid called Methionine. Amino acids are the building blocks, which make up proteins. Proteins are essential for life. Protein foods like meat, fish and cheese are very high in Methionine as a naturally occurring substance. Excess of these foods without sufficient enzymes to breakdown them down can contribute to the problem.

All the functions within the body are carried out through very complex processes involving neurotransmitters in the brain, enzyme production, hormone production and every other action and process step that occurs in every organ and cell of the body to keep us alive, healthy and well. These are very scientific biochemical processes and there is no need to know how each works, however it is important to have an awareness of what goes on and how you can take care of yourself better to prevent imbalances occurring in the first place.

To make it very simple, homocysteine is very important in the body for carrying out many of the biochemical processes. Homocysteine needs to be kept at a normal level in the body by being converted into substances which are needed by the body …otherwise it can damage your arteries leading onto heart disease, deplete your immune system, damage your brain power, increase inflammation in the body, cause serious illnesses such as those mentioned above. Homocysteine depends on enzymes and other helpers called co-factors to convert it into the biochemical substances. It can accumulate in the body when some enzymes and co-factors are not working properly or are deficient .

Zinc and the B vitamins (B2, B6,B12, folate) and SAM are critical in preventing homocysteine buildup, other nutrients are also needed in conjunction with these e.g Tri-methylglycine and there are many others which may be needed depending on other factors/medical history of the person. it will be different for different people.

With Homocysteine at the right level you will have higher energy levels…better sleep, less arthritic/muscle type pain, improved mood and concentration, reduced risk of heart disease, reduced hormone imbalances and lots more. I test all of my clients to ensure they are not being affected by this matter. This is not a test which is routinely carried out by your doctor, you need to ask specifically for it and even at that some are unable to do it. York test also carry out this test now too.Opt for more plant based protein foods such as fruit and green vegetables. Have a balance of raw and cooked foods for greater enzymatic balance. Avoid overcooking foods as the nutrient content will be reduced and again stress management is very important as we burn up excess B vitamins during time of stress therefore they are unavailable to the body to maintain a healthy nervous system and proper levels of homocysteine.