Feeling Anxious part 4 of 4

Magnesium is more often than not very important as a nutritional supplement to be taken at times of high anxiety and stress. Magnesium is an essential mineral. Of the approximate 26g found in the average size body approximately 70% of that amount is found in the bones along with calcium, phosphor and many other minerals . (Therefore it is crucial for reversing osteopenia and promoting good bone health.) Approx. 30 % is found in the cells and the rest in soft tissue.
Vitamin D is necessary for the proper utilisation of magnesium, while magnesium helps to promote the absorption and metabolism of other minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. It is also very important to help the B-Vitamins and Vitamin C to work efficiently in the body, you may remember last week I explained the importance of the B-Vitamins and vitamin C in managing stress levels. Magnesium is necessary for the proper functioning of muscles, including those of the heart, ( and deficiency often causes high blood pressure and irregular/fast paced heart rates. So can you see the more anxious you are and the more you are in the fight or flee mode the more your heart has to work and deficiencies occur, so then your body cant control the stress any longer.
Magnesium carries out several other functions but the most important thing is to understand that it is found within the cells of the body where it activates more than 300 enzymatic reactions necessary for metabolism.
A great way to increase your magnesium levels is to eat more of the foods as mentioned below. Another super therapeutic thing to do to relax your muscles and your mind is to have regular epsom salt baths. Baths work brilliantly both in reducing anxiety and stress and they promote sleep.( once they are not too hot) Proper sleep is so important for helping you to feel bette in yourself and therefore manage stress levels,you know when you are tired, you overreact to every tiny little problem, and then the viscous circle continues.
Deficiencies in magnesium can cause constipation, irritability , hormone imbalances, period pain/cramps, cravings especially for chocolate, overall body weakness, mental confusion, ( in extreme cases convulsions, or bizarre muscle movements) twitching of eye or facial muscles, insomnia, racing heart/heart palpitations and lots more.
Excessive intake of Caffeine and alcohol can interfere with the absorption of Magnesium so does some long term medications such as Metformin ( a drug commonly used to manage type two diabetes)
Foods rich in magnesium:
Seafood, almonds, cashews, wholegrains, buckwheat, rye, dark leafy greens, blackstrap molasses, beans, nuts, bonemeal… foods are becoming more deficient in magnesium and other minerals because of the over production of food and reuse of the soil and the lack of soil supplementation. magnesium is an essential mineral of chlorophyll ( which is the compound that gives green veggies their colour and this is why the greens are so important. Eat a wide variety of them as much as possible and start to feel and act more calmly.

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