Don’t be fooled with diet foods!

Understanding food labels can be very difficult and marketing is brilliant at highlighting how slimming, how energetic all these FREE FROM foods are! Please don’t be fooled, there is nothing FREE FROM about them. Tiredness, difficulty getting out of the bed in the morning, energy slumps during the day, digestive problems, indigestion, heartburn, fluctuating bowel movements of constipation to diarrhoea, headaches, sinus problems, obesity can all result from eating empty nutritional high calorie foods such as diet foods and drinks. Many resort to these foods as they feel they are being healthier, with this mind-set they actually consume more because they feel they can.


Manufacturers and marketing agents spend millions on advertising diet products, sugar free…zero calories…BEWARE…anything that says diet, zero calories, sugar free is more than likely laced with artificial sweeteners which are basically manufactured chemicals. Yes, technically they are sugar free, yes, technically they have fewer calories…However in reality they are chemicals the body finds extremely difficult to break down. Thus they build up in the body, they become toxins, the liver becomes congested.


It’s also not just diet foods, you will find sweeteners in the most perceived to be “healthiest” of foods too, things like jars of beetroot, yoghurts, many dried foods are sprayed with sweeteners and glucose fructose syrup to give them sweetness, a lot of vitamins and even medications will have them, especially things like chewable vitamin C etc., all brands are different but the majority of them contain sweeteners, so check what you have in your cupboard!


These diet foods overtime congest the liver which leads on to weight gain, plus many of the above symptoms too. It will affect hormone balances and make it very difficult to shift the excess weight. The liver has to process everything. A mass amount of work is carried out in the liver e.g. energy production, storage, hormonal and toxin breakdown…. A congested liver equals a sick and tired you.


Please read the labels on foods and drinks. Avoid diet foods, drinks and sugar free chewing gum altogether. Avoid using sweeteners on a daily basis in your beverages, cereals etc. Watch out for labels containing aspartame, saccharin, sorbitol, malitol, mannitol, acesulphame k, and many others…Instead Use sparingly Agave syrup, grade 2 maple syrup or plain table sugar as the body can utilise these easier. Although overall, sugar must be kept to a minimum.