Are you at Optimum Weight or Struggling? Part 2

Last week I asked you to start focusing on your thinking and see where you need to change it regards to your lifestyle, the foods you eat or don’t eat, your exercise regime etc as in order to change anything you must change your thinking first!

This week I would like to focus on helping you speed up your metabolism naturally, not through dietary supplements or slimming pills.

What is your metabolism exactly?

It is the rate at which the body burns up energy. When you eat food, based on its calorie content it will give off different levels of energy from that food, therefore high fat processed foods, high sugar based and refined starchy foods are generally very high in calories and thus give you excess energy. If your metabolism is sluggish or you are not expending the level of energy you take in, the body converts it and stores it as fat. This fat is dangerous as it is stored around your internal organs.

Often people skip breakfast and then resort to eating rubbish at 10/11am to keep them going or wake them up. The earlier you eat something after awakening the quicker your metabolism will kick in and start burning off energy. Starving the system is not good, this is the mistake so many people make, they feel if they eat less often they will lose weight, these are usually the people who will skip good nutritious food and stock up on rubbish. Eating little and often is one of the best ways to get your metabolism working faster.

Also eat only when you are truly hungry…Sometimes we eat because it’s the time of the day we always eat at or we eat because we have nothing else to do…or our brains are telling us we’re hungry, but what about our stomachs?

Do a little experiment. Before you eat your next meal or snack, stop yourself—and focus on how hungry you really are. You might find that you are not really hungry. Wait another 20 or 30 minutes & have a glass of water. The more you practice, the more you’ll be in touch with your appetite. You might find that you haven’t even felt real hunger in a long time.

Food tastes much better and is much more satisfying when you’re truly hungry. If you eat rubbish all of the time your blood sugars will drop, you will get a craving for more, this is very different from actually feeling hungry. This rise and fall leads you onto an emotional roller coaster which without change will only get worse. You must address this problem as soon as possible. Start today by choosing healthier foods or lower glycemic foods and eating these more often if needs be.

See you next week for part 3