Are cravings controlling you?

In part 1 of cravings we spoke about the emotional link and I asked you to identify if you are someone whom has some kind of craving, I hope you got on well assessing that. There are no magic wands or magic fixes to conquer the cravings however the most important mind set to begin with is awareness, first you need to be fully aware of what is going on for you so you can start to manage it by being responsible for it. Second you need to make the decision that now is the time to beat the craving and get help with it. Depending on the craving and of course the severity of the craving or addiction you may need medical help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. One of the areas where I work with clients in regard to this matter is checking their adrenal glands, and blood sugar balance…

Identify what you crave and when.. do you crave sweet things or do you crave salty and crunchy? Next thing identify when exactly you crave them…is it first in the morning, last thing at night, immediately after eating, after exercising etc even writing this out is a huge step in the process as you are really identifying what is going on. Next decide on a healthier option e.g instead of the sweet cake after dinner change what you do immediately after dinner…go brush your teeth, go for a walk, get fresh air. Do whatever you need to, to break the pattern.

You have to really want it and you have to believe in yourself that you can do it. Your desire to quit or change has to be greater or stronger than the craving you have. This means you have to keep your goal in mind. When your craving kicks in, think of your desired goal and focus on that instead. It’s a bit like a competitive game…one team is the craving the other team is the desire goal…which one is the stronger??

Plan…always have your healthier options in convenient places e.g nuts, seeds, oatcakes, fresh fruit, water, etc grab them when the craving kicks in. have them at your desk, in the car, in the fridge, in your bag. These are starting points to help you beat the cravings, for some there are many other areas to be assessed to get to the root of the matter.

Avoid sweeteners and diet replacement foods at all times, they increase feelings of hunger and overeating. Stick with the changes you have decided upon as after 7 days your tastes buds will have changed, after 3-4 days all withdrawal symptoms of nausea, headaches, tiredness etc will have subsided as the toxins leave your body. Drink plenty of water and listen to your body, rest it when it needs it and move it when it needs it! Best of luck, I’m here for you if you need help and are ready to take it to the next step, just give me a shout.