3 common causes for feeling Tired – Part II!

Last week I went through sleep deprivation as part one of this series and the crucial importance of getting sufficient sleep.

This week I would like to bring to your attention Toxins and allergens!

Which really lead onto a very TOXIC Form of tiredness which doesn’t go away with sleep. In fact you could feel like you could sleep forever in some cases. An inflammatory response to toxins and allergens can be at the root of your fatigue as it is a problem for so many people. This type of tiredness can be very draining.

You really do feel you have the energy to do nothing. Toxins in the system may consist of any one or more of the following…parasites/worms, bacteria, fungus, metals, virus, hidden food intolerance e.g. Food additives such as MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)  Sweeteners e.g. Aspartame, Saccharin and so on. Wheat, gluten, lactose and sugar to name just a few all fall into the toxicity bracket. Toxicity or deficiencies of nutrients are both the root cause of so many illnesses. Even if you are eating well and have a toxic body you may not be fully absorbing what you eat so the problem increases, many more symptoms appear over time! So if tired, the body cannot eliminate or if the body does not have the correct balance of nutrients to function properly you will be tired.

Many people can suffer from chronic tiredness without ever knowing any of these toxins are an issue as the body becomes highly inflammatory and reacts to a number of different issues. First of all, when people come to me with this type of tiredness I will test their system and see if any of the above mentioned toxins are an issue. When they show a number of different areas will then be checked to see what will be needed to bring the body back into a good state of health.

When the body is highly inflamed basically it robs you of your energy as your energy is needed to keep the immune system and you liver, digestive system and other detox pathways working. Unfortunately overtime the body can become flooded from the toxin or allergen and the entire system slows down. So in simple terms we have to clean the whole mess up.

This in itself can take time as the main focus is to get the body working better itself so it can start to excrete and breakdown the toxins. You may need to take some supplement to negate or kill off the nasty bacteria or fungus or whatever it is or you may need to stop burdening the body with the food item if it is food related for a short term or perhaps longer depending on the issue and severity to begin with.

Constipation, tummy cramps, headaches, tiredness, skin problems, depressive unhappy moods and lots more can all be linked to a toxic tired system. See you next week for part 3.