Your house or your home?

Years ago a man said to me there is only one house you should ever real pay attention to and that’s the one you were born with, yes, your body. In today’s world we are so materialistic we spend our entire lives working to keep bricks and mortar over our heads so we have little time, money or energy to invest in ourselves.

The more attention you give to your body the better it will look after you. If we were to spend even a tiny proportion of the time we spend running and cleaning up our houses on ourselves society would be in a much better place.

I really want you to start putting your health and your life as number one. You would not throw rubbish around your house, in your bedroom or in your bed – yet you throw rubbish foods into to your body most likely on a daily basis!

What foods/ drinks am I talking about?

I am talking about the majority of foods people eat just because they feel they should be eating something, they are not thinking about nourishing their mind, body or health with nutrition. Foods high in sugar and starch content, high in processed salts, additives and flavourings, alcohol, foods labelled low in fat, diet foods, etc. all add to over acidifying the body.

The more acidic your body the more tired you will be, the more digestive ailments you will have, the quicker you will age, the less enjoyment you will get from life, the more arthritic like complaints you will have, the more degenerative diseases you will fall prey to. When all these artificial foodstuffs enter your body, your body has to break them down and try and get rid of them out of the body, while doing this the natural flora of the gut gets disturbed, the acid/alkaline balance goes out of sync, the adrenal glands go into overdrive or end up exhausted, the level of toxic waste in the body increases.

You will get away with it for a period of time, of course you will, your body is very strong and is super at compensating, but over time it gets burdened, choked up, exhausted and sooner or later fails at functioning to its optimum. Add into this mixture, stress and lack of exercise and you have a right recipe for disaster.

This week I encourage you to seriously look at what foods you put into your body, start with cutting out one food which you know is not good for you and replace it with a new vegetable, a piece of fresh fruit, a piece of wild fish, a handful of nuts or seeds or even a simple glass of water can start to make the world of difference. Look after your real home, as you cannot sell it, up sticks and move elsewhere!