You are Fully responsible for what you put into your mouth

about the long term Health effects of what you put into your mouth today!!!

The reason I write these articles is to help give you valuable information, tips, steps, strategies along with encouragement, support and motivation… to help you feel better and get the absolute best out of your life. This week while you are reading this I really want you to start thinking about what you put into your mouth and the long term implications of it! The types of food you eat and the diet you maintain can and is having a direct impact upon your energy levels, how you feel, your motivation, your moods, you sleep, your libido and so on. The impact can either be positive or negative.

Fast food (also known as junkie food, addictive food, dope food, rubbish food, fattening food…) sugar, convenience foods, microwave food etc are filled with addictive like substances of sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, colourings, sweeteners, processing aids, artificial flavourings and lots more!!! These foods tend to keep you in the food trap of always wanting more of these foods in order to feel satisfied or full and actually making you ill, run down, depressed and unhappy in the process. Why is it okay to put the wrong foods into your precious one an only body and make it feel like crap?

The only way to change the pattern is to STOP consuming them. When you come off high sugar, high salt, additive rich processed foods, you will go through a day or two of withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms are a result of the body cleansing itself of all the toxic overload. It no longer is burdened with the constant work it has to do in producing insulin, breaking these foods down, producing fat etc so it instead can start ridding your body of the excess waste and toxins from the buildup in your system probably following years of being in the trap.

So when this is happening you may have restless sleep, nausea, headaches, or feel tired. This is ‘great’ as now your body is detoxing, this usually lasts no longer than 1-3 days and then you start to experience clarity in your thinking, brighter eyes, better sleep, more energy, better mood, higher motivation and lots more. It takes time obviously for your body to get back into shape but it cannot do it on its own. Many give up after a day as they do not understand what is happening, they think while they have gone a day or two without their beloved foods they should immediately feel fine, of course this cannot be the case so they quit and go back on the rubbish foods to FEEL BETTER again!

The majority of my clients actually think they eat healthy and then I get them to keep a food log for 7 days or so and it is amazing what people perceive to be healthy because it is what they normally do. It can take 10-20 years for disease to actually manifest in your body so you may think what you are doing now has no impact but it can creep upon so slowly you don’t even realise it until suddenly you are unwell.

Keep a food log for one week and see what patterns you notice. It really can make you much more conscious of what you actually eat over the course of the week. If you want it critiqued and want to know what you may be doing wrong, my contact details are tel:086 3888535 or email: This week give your body a little helping hand as YOU are FULLY Responsible for what you put into your mouth, it is something you can control. Keep it in balance of the 80/20 rule as much as possible and enjoy feeling healthy.