What is Hypoxia and why should you know more about it

Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen is a massive problem in today’s world where people are unwell.

You can live days without water (although I strongly advise against it) you can live months without food (although, clearly I recommend you do not) you can only live minutes without oxygen. You may indeed even know someone who suffered lack of oxygen at birth and has been severely brain damaged as a result.

Without this severity many people go through their lives lacking sufficient oxygen to feed every cell in their bodies.

How would you know if you were suffering form hypoxia or lack of oxygen?

Usually the first main symptom is fatigue, extreme tiredness that is not alleviated by a good nights sleep or some rest. Foggy brain, difficulty breathing, difficulty in relaxing, sinus/allergy problems etc are all common symptoms of Hypoxia.

Here I will outline some of the main causes of hypoxia.

  1. A chronic underlying infection or perhaps a growth in the body. Nasty stuff in your body thrives in waste and toxic matter, this includes carbon dioxide. Oxygen therapy has proven very useful against many cancers and infections. The cells cannot live without oxygen, so when these contaminated or sick cells get fed oxygen again, true miracles can happen. The cells can do the work they were designed to do.
  2. Lack of fresh air, so many people today simply do not get daily fresh air. They work in stuffy, congested, air conditioned work environments. Open the windows in your home, your bedroom while you sleep, in your office when you can. Get outdoors for a walk, a cycle, sit in the garden etc, add more plant sot your home or office. They naturally supply the environment with more oxygen.
  3. Improper breathing. When you shallow breathe, enough oxygen is just not getting into the cells. Practice deep breathing a few times of the day to relax and promote better blood and oxygen flow to all of the cells.
  4. Poor diets high in grains, processed foods, starches and sugars. Clean up your diet to keep your cells in tip top shape. A diet high in these foods stresses and burdens the system creating imbalances in the acid/alkaline balance. Once again nasties thrive in acidic unhealthy environments.
  5. Lack of exercise and movement of your body. Get moving more, this will naturally increase your need to take in more oxygen, the more unfit you are the more you will gasp for fresh air and oxygen, Start slowly and work it up
  6. Smoking, what else can I say, only stop this habit as soon as you can!
  7. Lack of B12/Iron/Vitamin C/zinc/B6 in the body. If the body cannot retain, breakdown or assimilate these nutrients in the body, the body will become deficient and these nutrients play a very powerful role in carrying oxygen throughout the blood. Beetroot juiced and daily intake of fresh wheatgrass are both powerful at oxygenating the blood.