What do other’s think of you? Part 1 of 2

There are many different levels of stress, types of stress and the way each and every one of us reacts or responds to stress. One of the main stresses you can have on your mind, your confidence and on your energy levels the constant fear or nagging voice or constant thought of ‘What will others think?’ are you nodding your head and saying that’s me, well please continue reading as you are certainly not alone on this one!

A huge number of people would say to me they have a big problem with what others think of them, as the quote from Wayne Dwyer says “what other people think of me is none of my business” I know this can be easier said than done sometimes, however its core message holds a lot of truth and is certainly a place where it would be good to aspire to.

Let me ask you a few questions, can you remember when it began, or do you know who exactly you are worried about. Usually it is a very common problem when people have low self-esteem or worth on themselves, the truth really is, when you are in your head worrying yourself sick or keep keeping yourself awake at night thinking about it, it really boils down to what you think about you. You may at first think or feel it is others, you may blame others, but when you think lowly of yourself or you dislike yourself, or you feel you don’t deserve X, or you feel you don’t look good in… that this is how other people will think of you too. More often than not, the other people are completely unaware of how you feel or what you are really thinking.

The more negative energy you give to thinking about and worrying about what others think, the less positive energy you have left for you. So let’s begin right now on changing that. Of course reading one article on this most certainly is not going to change everything for you instantly, but my main goal of this article is to get you thinking about it in a different way by increasing your awareness of it. When you catch yourself worrying about what others think, make a conscious note of it or write it down and automatically say something nice or positive about you, see part 2 next week.