it just a simple little word? Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of 3.. in the previous 2 articles we covered S.T.R.E.S.S ..S= Symptoms, T= Tension, R= Reaction E= Energy depletion and finally this week we have S= Sleep and S= Supercharged.

S= the single most important thing which will help you recover from stress. This is easier said than done as one of the biggest symptoms of a stressful body is the inability to sleep.. insomnia, disturbed sleepless nights..feeling tired during the day. When this happens’ your blood sugar levels and your adrenaline glands greatly come under pressure. During stress the body has to pump out more and more adrenaline and other stress hormones to help you cope.

This ongoing effect wears out the adrenal glands causing burnout, depression and exhaustion. Talk with someone or write out your worries if you can before going to bed. Before Mary came for a kinesiology treatment for her irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) she spent most nights twisting and turning and feeling exhausted. By helping her get to the root of her stress both her sleep and her bowel habits quickly returned to normal. If you can sleep but are not getting enough of it, can you get to bed earlier, can you get a night off somewhere quite to catch up on sleep? Can you get a power nap during the day?

S= Super charged..for the final ‘S’ in the word stress lets’ turn it into a big positive S= SUPERCHARGED. When someone asks you how you are, how often do you say I am super? I wish I could say that but how do I get to feeling supercharged?

1. Start TODAY by saying, yes I am feeling super, I am in super form, I have a super family, I have super support, I have super energy etc When you are feeling super you will have loads of energy, you will be upbeat, positive and energetic. You will be in a much better position to cope with the stress

2. Start today by taking care of you..take some time out to unwind, to have a laugh, to have a good rest and supercharge your batteries. Eat and drink superfoods including Water, berries, seeds, vegetables. Eat regularly..little and often. Deep breathe, sit quietly and close your eyes to reflect and give thanks.