Part 5 – Are you depressed?

Well this is certainly a subject which is touching many people, however I know there are thousands more of you out there who are almost afraid to believe anything can help them. I believe there is always a reason for everything. It is not one size which fits all! Several people may be feeling down in the dumps all for completely different reasons. There are absolutely several different reasons; the secret is finding what’s at the root of your particular feeling?

This week I am going to mention to you toxins so you can increase your knowledge and awareness about the impact they can have. A toxin is any substance in the body whether it is internally produced or externally introduced into the body which has a negative or tiring influence on the body.  Nasty bacteria, fungi, viruses, metals, food sensitivities, hormones, nasty chemicals and lots more are all very common reasons for upsetting the entire chemical balance of the mind and body. Hormones control several functions in the body. Here are the names of some of the common ones such as adrenaline, nor adrenaline, cortisol, oestrogen, testosterone, thyroid stimulating hormones and so on; even cholesterol is a hormone which many do not realise. These hormones are generated naturally in the body based on their specific rhythms and when they have carried out their function they are then sent to the liver to be broken down and sent out of the body. When they get to the liver they must be quickly broken down and carried out of the body, this is why it is so important to have a good clean healthy liver.

Remember every single part of the body is interconnected. This means if one part is upset it will have a negative influence on another part. These symptoms can take years to accumulate within the body. Let’s take your household hoover as an example, when you turn on a brand new hoover it will have super suction, then you start to use it the suction can become diminished and reduced, the more you use it the dirtier it gets and the fuller it gets! If you do not clean it out or change the bag, what happens? it slows up, it cannot work very well. This is exactly what happens to your body, it basically fills up over years with toxic matter making you feel very down or unwell. Eating very well and de-cluttering past emotional hurts and negativity keeps you in tip top shape.

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