Mental Health – Are you depressed – Part 4

Many thanks to all who have contacted me regarding these articles in the past few weeks. I am writing them for you to help you understand what you are going through can be pretty normal and you are not alone. Don’t forget to contact me to get the Healthy Mind Steps as below as they give you some How To’s on how you can help yourself. Last week I went through an outline of how over stressed burned out adrenal glands can deflate you and make you feel very down, unmotivated, lethargic etc., they are not the only area of the body we need to look at. We need to understand how the liver is involved too in helping you feel wonderful on top of the world or not!

A congested liver will make you feel very congested too. When your liver (a sieve like organ) is full of crap, then you will feel like crap, what I mean you ask but I eat healthy. Unfortunately this is the sad part; many people are led to believe they are eating healthy when in fact they are not. Drinking juices laced with sweeteners and concentrated disguised sugars is not healthy no matter what they are called, eating yoghurts full of sugar and sweeteners is not healthy, eating dried fruit which is glazed with all kinds of syrups and preservatives is not healthy, sticking vegetables into the microwave is pointless, any goodness that may have been in them quickly gets blasted out, the higher the wattage of your microwave the more void your food becomes. So you see a diet full of these perceived to be ‘healthy’ foods quickly leaves your system running low, of course you don’t notice for years. Add on top of this malnourished body, loads of stress, busyness, lack of sleep, medication and god knows what else…. You end up feeling at a very low ebb, then you wonder to yourself, what has gone wrong?

Starchy foods, anything made from white flour, anything made from sugar… creates stodge in your system. These are congesting your system and can be the cause of tiredness, digestive problems, poor absorption, anger outbursts, mood swings, insomnia etc. Cut them out today or at least start reducing them and start eating more wholesome foods, homemade juices, smoothies, soups, salads etc.