Managing Tension and Letting It Go – Pt3

How did you get on with all last weeks tension management tips?

Take note of what works for you and remember different techniques will work for at different times so just because one strategy or tip did not work does not mean it would not be the answer in a different situation. Identify clearly what works for you then keep practicing it as necessary.

It’s important to look at what causes the problem in the first place as well and as putting in place things which will help you to combat those issues in the first place, as the saying goes, need to prevent the fire from starting in the first place rather fire fighting all of the time.

Here are more powerful ways to help you manage and let go of your tension!

  • Reconnect with your inner self with alone time, to gather your thoughts and focus on slowing the system down…
  • Don’t take yourself so seriously, smile and laugh more.
  • Change your attitude: Have a serious look at you attitude and see how your attitude is in regards to particular issues which you feel causes you tension in the first place. Changing your attitude can change your life, so have a look and see where you can take a more positive, practical, lighthearted and realistic attitude to relieve tension and strife in your life. Are you putting too much effort into various aspects of your life for all the wrong reasons or are you focusing on things which really do not matter?
  • Stop holding back and bottling emotions up…Rage, anger, frustration, confusion result. These are very strong emotions and perfectly okay to feel, but that’s it you must feel them and let them go as they will not serve your health and happiness in a healthy happy way. Get help in dealing with these emotions if you need to, but hanging onto them will tense every cell in your body.
  • Focus on calmer words…wherever you can, while speaking with others, while speaking with your children, your work colleagues etc
  • Write out how you feel… this is amazing and one technique I use over and over again. It helps you to ‘speak’ your mind in a very safe freeing way, always ensure to dispose safely what you have written, you do not want to keep it!
  • Do something physical, it can work wonders e.g. digging in the garden…dancing to music, singing or doing some craft can really help take your mind off issues, just ensure you consciously let the tension go out of your muscles while doing these things.
  • Meditation…focus your mind onto the parts of the body which hurt the most… tense them up as much as possible then RELAX them as much as possible. Repeat a few times until you feel more at ease. Wishing you a happier more relaxed body!