Impact of the Simple Things for Boosting Your Health.

I will say it time and time and time again!!! The simple things ALWAYS work best!

I hear it and I see it day after day with my clients.  If you are not doing the simple things or your body is unable to cope following years of medication or compensating in some way or another, you have just got to stop, take a fresh look and go back to basics.

Let me give you some examples, a client came to extremely tired, after checking out a number of things the dominant issue was dehydration. I advised my client to increase their water intake and explained the importance of it and they came back two weeks later thanking me so much as their energy had improved so much. They asked me what I did?

I said I advised you to drink water, previously you were drinking tea and little or no water as you said you kept forgetting to drink water as you were so busy. We then went on to address other issues for this person, they had bad constipation for years, they were taking laxatives and still nothing was moving. For this person it was not the bowel at all but we had to do some cleaning up of the liver. The liver is what controls your bowels, so just addressing the bowel alone rarely sorts out the problem as it is a deeper digestive problem. Water of course is so important for healthy bowel movements too.

Years ago a lady came to me in her early 70’s. Her doctors could not figure out what was going on with her blood pressure, they could not get it under control. Again this lady was very dehydrated, she said she never drank water as a habit as she didn’t like it. I explained to her that fluid balance and filtering of fluid and regulation of fluid pressure happens in the kidneys. The kidneys need fresh clean pure water daily for them to function properly. After encouraging her to go and drink water she came back 2 weeks later feeling so much better, her blood pressure was been monitored daily and after a few days completely settled down and her medication was altered accordingly.

Just by changing your posture, chewing your food thoroughly and avoiding to drink excess liquid with your meals, you can beat bloating and many other digestive problems. Of course I am not saying that’s all you need to do to make your health matter better, each person is completely unique. What I am saying is this… the simple things can have and do have such impact. Monitor closely all the simple things you do in your life and ensure you are doing them correctly.