How to have Healthy Bones – Part V

Last week we looked at the negative impact of low stomach acid and the high importance of exercise both are when it comes to strong healthy bones.

This week I want to draw your attention to the pH level of the body. When the body has low pH, it is in a state of high acidity. When the body is in this state the majority of the time nasties such as bacteria, fungus, parasites can thrive.

There is a natural level of these in the body as part of the ecology and flora of the gut but when the body is in an acidic environment or state they can tipple the balance and take over the gut causing many different health problem. I will not get into those in this article as we are focusing on bone health, so you may ask what has your gut got to do with your bones???

Well, the answer is simple…EVERYTHING!!!!!

The natural state of your bones is more alkaline due to the high quantity of calcium and other minerals to be found in your bones, so the body is so clever…it knows your gut being in an acidic star for long periods is not healthy so what does it do?

It draws calcium out of your bones and sends it to the gut to help the gut change to a more healthy alkaline state. As various times our boy will always be more slightly acidic, however if this goes on continuously the bones obviously start to suffer and because more porous and thin due to the lack of the minerals.

The main causes of high gut acidity are as follows:

Lack of sufficient sleep over long periods.

Untreated toxic overload from bacteria, fungus, parasites etc. this become a vicious circle. The acid environment in the first place causes the flora to be out of balance and then when the toxins are in overload they will keep you in an acidic state.

Ongoing prolonged STRESS. You must find a way to relax your mind and body on every level to prevent your body from always being in a state of fight or flight. If you are on the go nonstop, I you are busy, busy, if you are feeling tense or achy all over your body is holding onto stress.

Eating too much acidic foods. The Western diet is naturally higher in acid based foods from sugar laden foods, processed foods and then diets high in meat, fish and dairy products.

Lack of daily bowel movements, the waste has to move out daily, otherwise you are recontaminating your body all of the time.

Excessive exercise, creates too much acid in the body and the body cannot fully repair before you push yourself too hard again. Remember balance and moderation is the key to everything.

Then all the usual suspects, excess alcohol, use of drugs, cigarettes etc.

Long term medication and use of antibiotics.

See you next week where I will explain how to achieve more gut alkalinity as we continue our series on super strong bones for life. This week look at your lifestyle, and what may be contributing to your acidity.