How Happy Is Your Heart

Many of my clients come to me because they are feeling unhappy, heartbroken, sad, anxious, lonely, hurt, traumatised, unwell and a host of other things because of various things which life has thrown at them. Although we feel and associate many of these feelings to be in our gut or abdominal region the heart is associated with LOVE. Therefore when we are feeling angry or hurt or sad or living our lives through fear our bodies tense up, they become hard and tight and therefore the blood vessels become hardened and restricted too. High blood-pressure/ ( Hypertension) and specifically anxiety and panic attacks can directly involve the heart where the heart races or palpates at a much faster rate than what is normal for our age or present health status. Many people are born or develop later in life problems with their heart due to many different causes namely genetics, other organ problems etc this article is not about treating any of those life threatening conditions, it is about acknowledging our hearts and how our heart feels and being aware of all that it does in the hope that it may invite or encourage you to take very good care of it.

In working with my clients I often notice how when they are speaking about certain issues form the heart they actually will be holding their hand over their chest/heart area…and I am sure from time to time you may do this yourself ,we tend to touch our hearts with our hands when we are ‘touched’ or impacted by something or hear sad or bad news or when we need to have a deep open trusting loving talk with someone we can use words like …we need to have a “heart to heart” and more often than not after a heart to heart the air gets cleared and you feel so much better. Have you ever wondered why that is? I feel it is because the heart, ( the heart of the city) also known as the centre is the deepest part and when we express from this deepest most scared part of ourselves we are expressing through love and our true feelings as opposed to from our heads and the years of conditioning and the ways in which we have been thought to think we should act or respond in certain situations..

This week I thought it would be good for all of us to focus on our hearts… how are you taking care of yours? Do you ever even consider your heart health or are you on the other end of the spectrum constantly worrying about every flutter of your pulse. If you are genially worried then you must visit your doctor and get medically checked out to ensure there is nothing wrong. Upon getting the all clear then you need to work on your emotions. We take this powerful organ for granted and yet we depend on it for our life…heartbeat by heartbeat.

Right now place your hand on your chest, upper left and feel your heart beat. Close your eyes and listen to it. Then visualise & Think about what it does…its pumping blood filled with oxygen, vital nutrients and other essentials all around your body and into every one of your trillions of cells. One loving beat at a time. Give it thanks for your life today… keep practicing until you experience ‘’Happy Heart’’ Syndrome in every area of your life 🙂 see you next week for part 2.