Health Drainers! [Part 1]

So many people complain from tiredness. The cause was often right under your nose. The cause is often missed as it may be something which is part of your everyday life, it may be a common part of society so why would you question them?

Tiredness can vary from something you experience the odd time to every moment of everyday where normal functioning becomes more and more difficult. Some complain and do little about it, some seek help. Here today I want to help you identify for yourself what may be draining the life out of you in every sense of the word…

See below a list of the top 15 reasons why I see people’s health drained from everyday things such as…(No specific order of importance)

  1. Lack of fresh air. Get outside more!
  2. Caffeinated drinks. (Coffee, to fizzy drinks to stimulants such as Redbull plus many others.
  3. Sugar in all its processed forms (refined carbohydrates, fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate) A treat is fine, a dependency or can’t live without need is NOT!
  4. Junk food (devoid of nutrients needed to fuel, drive and repair the body) Simply Avoid
  5. Smoking/ Tobacco. No need for me to say anymore! And don’t be fooled into thinking e-cigarettes are healthy, they are not! Think of all the liver clogging, brain fogging chemicals….
  6. Lack of movement.  Find something you enjoy. Get rid of all the excuses and just go for it!
  7. Alcohol. A tipple is fine. A need for it to fix your daily problems and make the world a better place most certainly is not.
  8. Unhappy work situations. We thrive when we do what we love. Aim as much as you can to find a way to love what you have to do.
  9. Unhappy relationships/ home/ personal environments. As above in NO.8 but also get professional help to help you through. You do not have to go through all that stuff on your own.
  10. Lack of sleep. Make the appropriate changes, you will know what you have to do.
  11. Chemical pollutants which you use in your home and on your body… Use more natural based products, avoid things like ammonia, bleach, sodium laureate sulphate, parabens and many others. Vinegar, bread soda, lemon juice work wonders in the house. For your body there are many good more natural based lotions and potions available now…Eminence, Pevonia, Lavera, faith in nature, Dr Hauschka to name just a few are worth trying. Also things like coconut oil can be used as a natural makeup remover and as a beautiful skin moisturiser, so try that too. It has a natural SPF of 10 too 🙂


The little things matter a lot more than you may realise!

Sometimes on their own they may be insignificant, add a few of them together then you may have a problem. Start identifying with fresh eyes what may be affecting you. See you for part 2 next week.

If you are ready to do deep work and get your health into  abetter place then we can do a one to one session either in person or online, please contact me at to book in your session.

Thanks a mill,