Health Boosters

Health does not have to be a big life changing thing.  Here are some little things to boost your health and wellbeing.

Go buy a watermelon.

One of my absolute favourite movies is ‘Dirty Dancing’, one of the famous lines form the movie is where ‘baby’ speaks with Patrick Swayze aka Johnnie for the first time whom she is totally smitten with and she says to him …“I carried a watermelon” then she realised how embarrassing that was so she just blushed!!!

Very funny, if you know the movie. Anyway, that’s not the only reason I love watermelon. This time of the year it is just perfect as it is hydrating, juicy, full of light delicious colour and flavour, and is high in Vitamin A, and a good source of calcium, phosphorous, potassium and lots more.

Keep it in the fridge so it is lovely and refreshing and crunchy with every mouthful. A great melon to include this time of the year as its so light. A perfect way to kick start your metabolism first thing in the morning, you can also juice it. I would not recommend you add it to smoothies as it breaks down in the body faster than any other fruit or melon so it is always best to have it on its own, on an empty tummy or first thing in the morning before you eat anything else.

Always eat melons on their own and always eat watermelon separate from other melons to prevent fermentation in the gut. Fermentation is when food is improperly digested and the nasty bacteria, fungus etc in your digestive tract feed off the food matter and cause blotting, cramps, discomfort, reflux and so on. Try it for yourself.

Have hot/cold showers.

This is an amazing health booster. I found it very difficult to do this myself at first as I was always a very cold creature and the thoughts of having a cold shower was just too much!  So it is a gradual process and one which absolutely makes you feel great.

The whole thing is to gradually reduce the temperature of the warm water and then increase it again, even if you do this for 20seconds each three to four times to begin with and keep increasing it to get to maybe 15 as hot as you can bear it and then 30 seconds for as cold as you bare it.

It boosts your immunity and is great for tired achy sore muscles too. It gets the blood pumping, and that’s exactly what you want for  happy healthy body. The strange thing is when you step out of the shower you actually feel much less cold than if you just had a really hot shower. Try it for yourself, it will be a lot easier than you think and something you can just tweak as you go along to re-energise you and boost your wellness.

Add some herbs to your daily wellness plan.

If you do not already have a wellness plan, sit down and create one. Remember what you focus on improves. If you focus on changing your diet or adding more movement or water etc to your daily routine it will change. herbs like parsley, lemon balm, thyme, peppermint, nettle etc are all fabulous and readily available , just take a few leaves or sprigs and slightly tear or crush between your fingers and add to a jug or flask of water. It makes it easier to drink the wage rid you do not like drinking water or you can add them to smoothies or juices.  Herbs are full of flavour, nutrients and are an easy quick way to boost your health and vitality.