Having a Laugh Everyday – Keep’s the Doctor Away!

When we are burned out, stressed, tired and exhausted, laughing is the last thing we feel like doing. We go around with glum, sad and burdened faces. We make others feel as miserable as we look.

For many, laughter can be all too seldom an occurrence. This can result in feelings of ill health, bad moods, tiredness, depression and much more. Laughter can actually be one of the most effective and simplest medicines of all. Laughter sends feel good messenger chemicals to your brain. These chemicals will not only help you relax and boost your energy but will also lift your mood from tired and cranky to happy and more easy going almost immediately.

The positive vibrations ripple through your body reaching every cell and energising you to the core greatly benefiting your adrenal glands.

Today as you panic or stress over all which is going on in your life,  your work load, your finances, your family situation, remember to smile and have a little laugh over something…

We all need to laugh more! I remember when my life was very different form it is today and laughing was something I struggled with, I was very serious because I felt so miserable and laughter was the last thing on my mind. It was never encouraged either so that deep belly laugh certainly didn’t happen daily. When we become less conscious of ourselves and have a great rand happier more confident self image and identity, laugher flows more naturally. laughter now is a huge part of my therapy and treatment plan for people because it is so important for every cell of your well-being.

1.Today I encourage you to Be less serious with yourself. It is ok to have a giggle at silly things or just pretend you are a kid again even if it is only for a few moments. This helps you to relax your muscles, your mind, your body, and therefore enhancing your well being and revitalising your adrenal glands.
2.Make time to laugh everyday, watch funny emails, funny movies, tell a joke, mingle with people who have a good sense of humour. Have a laugh.
3.When you are really finding it difficult to laugh, pose your face into the laugh position like you are grinning at yourself. Look in the mirror. Soon you will either feel silly with yourself or you will actually laugh, do this often enough and you will find it easier to smile.



Laughter makes me feel lighter and invigorates me to the core

Promo: Pick yourself up..I always give my clients strategies to follow until their next followup session, one of those strategies is often to have fun or simply laugh more, last week we focused on laughing more 🙂