Have you been labelled with IBS? – Part 1

Irritable bowel syndrome is commonly known as IBS. It is a massive problem which is affecting so many people.

It can occur at any age, at any stage of your life and can really affect your quality of life. Years ago I had an ongoing bad pain in my left side, for years medically they could not identify any cause. The only treatment was to avoid basically every food group which I ate and to take anti-spasmodic drugs.

For a short while I did all this to no avail. Recently a client of 25 came to see me after spending years looking for answers to their ongoing bloating and constipation. This client was labelled with IBS, they too found no relief no matter they did. For me, I found out through alternative methods that my ileo-caecal valve was not working properly (hence the pain) and I also had an overload of parasites in my gut causing several nasty ongoing frustrating symptoms.

For my client correcting their ileo-caecal valve and recommending they take digestive enzymes now means they can eat foods they were unable to for years and no more bloating or constipation, this has been life changing for my client. You do not have to live with IBS, there has to be a cause, just treating the symptom will never give you long term relief.

There are many causes of IBS, and that is the work I do with my clients, I help them get to the root cause of the problem and therefore do not just treat the symptoms. More often than not the biggest cause of an irritated gut is a malfunctioning ileo-caecal valve as I have mentioned above. Other causes can be Stress in any form or past trauma may be enough to disrupt the entire digestive system. Our stomach is the seat of our emotions, this is where we usually feel the knot or nervous tummy first. As this feeling continues the stress affects the entire digestive system. The bowel is a major part of the digestive system.

Toxins may also be the cause parasites, nasty bacteria, fungus being the top three! These also grow and thrive in the body when it is stressed and when there is high acidity in the body. Food sensitivities may arise for different reasons, when the body is stressed out and exhausted the body finds it difficult to cope with food and may react in some form or other. Eating the culprit food on an ongoing basis unknowingly of course burdens the system further.  Low Hydrochloric acid in the stomach is another cause of triggering irritable bowel and this is often mistaken as excess acid. If you do not have enough stomach acid you simply cannot break down your food.

Medication taken over long periods of time also causes stress within the body and can be a major cause of IBS.

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