Fungal Infections & Toxins

Are you suffering from bloating, excess wind or flatulence, Fungal skin Infections, athletes foot, thrush etc, furry tongue, itchy skin, tiredness? You may have an imbalance of fungi in the body, candida is just one type and is very common. Fungal infections are very common causes of the above symptoms in the body.  Fungi are single organisms which grow extremely easily in the body, when they go out of balance the fungus becomes a toxin the body tries to detoxify.

When the natural fungal flora goes out of sync in the body due to stress, infections, toxin overloads e.g metals, parasites etc, poor diet/ lifestyle, it can leave you feeling unwell. This is when the acid/alkaline balance gets upset and fungi thrive in the moist warm conditions of your body. The overgrowth of fungi in your body can deplete you of vital nutrition, which your body needs to function properly.

Fungi mainly consist of yeasts and moulds. You can come into contact with them from the air, food or environment. They can affect your system in a number of ways as mentioned above. If your house or workplace is quite damp and prone to a lot of mildew or mouldy spots it can have a depleting effect on your immune system and energy reserve.

Natural occurring fungi: Mushrooms, yeast risen products like bread and cakes. Fermented products such as wine, beer, tempeh, soy, Quorn (Vegetarian product derived from fungus), Cheese, vinegars are all best avoided if you are suffering from a fungal overload in your system.

Fungal skin conditions usually keep reoccurring when they are treated topically only. They need to be treated from the inside to get rid of the root.

Treatment: Includes methods to de-stress the body, antifungal antidotes to remove the fungus from your system, some dietary and lifestyle amendments and advice if necessary. Fungal infections can be contagious so good personal hygiene is a must. Use footwear in public pools, don’t share towels etc The approach of Kinesiology is to treat the problem from the inside out. From my experience this allows the root cause of the problem to be treated more effectively. I have often had people who would complain that they had patches of dry skin, redness, scaly patches or fungal blotches and by treating the inner digestive system the issue with the skin would disappear.