Feeling Anxious?

Feeling Anxious?
Part 2 of 4

We can all experience some form of anxiety at different stages of our lives e.g coming up to exams, starting a new job, going into hospital, doing something outside your comfort zone and so on. Many people believe that because they feel anxious now or have been for a while that there is no cure or no way out. Take pride in the fact that you are not giving in, and letting it control you. I want you to know and believe it is 100% possible to work through fears which may have been imprisoning you for years. It is possible to start dreaming of a future where anxiety does not control you, so what would your future look and feel like without anxiety? I know it can be hard to visualise and dream of it but you have to start somewhere so what would you do differently?


I would recommend you sit down and wrote down whatever thoughts come to you mind.
The thing is when we have a problem we spend most of our tim in the problem and not in finding as solution, we will never fond the solution while our focus, mindset, attitudes, beliefs etc are stuck in the problem and the negative aspect. Writing out and journaling how we feel everyday can really help to clear the toxic load off the mind and allow new space for you to feel more in control and see light at the end the tunnel.
Focus on things which you do well in and the more you focus on those aspects and not on the anxiety itself or what makes you feel anxious the more you will be able to turn your thought patterns around.
So write out how you feel, if it is negative or bad rip it up and let it go, keep repeating until the thoughts lighter and pick one thing which is positive in your day or become aware of three to five things which you can be grateful o thankful for and write theses thing down daily into journal and keep them, everyday re read them, for e.g. you could write something along the lines of “my daily bus journey is getting easier”. I did this with a client recently who found their main anxiety was while traveling to work everyday, on the bus. There was no previous bad experience, they were happy about using the bus and about their place of work which was the purpose of the bus trip in the first place, so why then were they anxious.
Initially they keep thinking it was the bus which was the problem,thats what it appeared on the outside, when we delved deeper it had being trigger by a sudden death in the family months previously, which mad them feel unsafe and insecure. While they repeated the affirmation “my daily bus journey is getting easier” they become much more confident in taking the bus, so the main feeling of anxiety were less and less and therefore the body got stronger and stronger as we actually worked on the initial problem. This is just an example to give you an idea of how the current anxiety may have nothing got to do with the cause. See you next week for part 3


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