Couldn’t be bothered?

Are you suffering from being too tired or that couldn’t be bothered feeling or I will do something about it tomorrow? Or what’s the point?. I’m too old, I’m too sick, I’ve too many problems, I’m….we can justify anything we like to ourselves, however in order to be really healthy and happy on the inside you must be true to yourself.

Feeling unmotivated and just not being bothered is a very common complaint and one which is just as serious as any other. Sitting around and not doing anything with your days or your evenings can be very unrewarding and dissatisfying. For many the effort to change or to do anything about the problem is too much, it’s easier to sit, complain and take no action. When this is the last thing your mind and body needs…as it ceases up. Your brain needs using every day in order to keep it active, it is just like any other muscle in the body…As the saying goes…use it or lose it.

Maintain good posture at all times. Cramped, tense, achy muscles cannot work properly, depriving your mind and body of energy, nutrients, oxygen and lots more. Being a couch potato will deprive your mind and body of the exercise, passion and excitement it needs to keep functioning at its optimum and keeping weight, heart conditions and lots more under control.

Start by making small changes. Get plenty of fresh air, even 10 minutes…especially after eating a heavy evening meal. Open the window, stand outside the door and inhale deeply. OXYGEN is paramount to a well- functioning brain, without it you will feel tired, stressed and unmotivated.

Get to bed at set times, do not stay up late watching TV, Listening to music, or drinking alcohol. As my wise granny used to always say to me growing up, don’t waste your precious time watching other people live their lives on TV, Get on and live your own!!! Now I am sharing this strategy with you as it is so true. A little comedy or good movie or documentary is ok in moderation and can be used as one of your ways to chill. However, don’t sit up into the wee hours of the morning exhausting yourself. Get moving, start living and do something for yourself everyday. You are worth it. Your life is precious, look after it and enjoy every moment.