Be kind to yourself, It makes the world of difference.

A young lady sat in front of me recently and started to tell me how much working with me has changed her life so positively in such a short time. Prior to coming to me she had to quit work because she was so anxious and in her words depressed. She had repeated visits to the doctors and the only help she was offered was anti-depressants. She decided not to take them, people around her were very negative and therefore she continued to belief she was ‘depressed’ as there was little encouragement or support. That was her lot as she believed until she read one of my articles and decided to give me a call. I’m sharing this story with you as I believe from the bottom of my heart no matter how sick you are or no matter what you think is wrong with you, someone, somewhere can help you. She thanked me for listening to her and caring and showing her the importance of building her self-worth.

She now gets out of bed in the morning with a true purpose, a purpose to LIVE. Knowing I have changed even just one life in such an impactful way makes everything I do so worthwhile as its so great to share a journey of helping to take someone out of that dark negative place into a lighter, brighter happier and much healthier place.

I encourage you to Keep looking, keep searching until you get some answers. Keep growing and exploring within until you reach a place of inner happiness and contentment. I love those two sacred words, inner happiness and contentment because no amount of money or material things in the world can buy that peace for you. You must be nurtured and cared for and soothed and healed when hurt. Self-love and self-care are both so so so important as the foundation for a truly happy and healthy you.

Being kinder to myself was the secret I learned to transform my world. Everything in my life and world changed when I started to like myself and all of who I am. So wherever you are upon your journey, whatever pills you are taking, whatever drastic things you have done with your diet or lifestyle ensure you have a good mix of self-love thrown in there too or else the other ingredients will have little impact. I have experienced first hand the detrimental impact self-blame, self-criticism, self-destruction and so much more can do to ones health, happiness and well-bring. Start with caring for yourself, no one else can do that for you, no one else can rebuild your self-esteem only you. Others can guide, support, offer device, numerous steps and so on but you must value who you are and then share your skills, talents and gifts with the world. Give thanks for your life and celebrate all you have and all you are.

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