Be a Healthier Happier Re-energised You

What were your plans for this new year? Did you make loads of new years resolutions for the sake of it? While the new year can be a great time of the year for making a fresh start, I advise you to think of you a little more of you, make a commitment to yourself for yourself. There is only one YOU and you have to take good care of you.

Take some time to think about what you can do for you to make your life a little less stressful. Reduce the strains on your energy.  Reduce the burdens on your mind and body.

Less stress = happier, healthier you..

Less stress = robust immune system and strong energized adrenal glands…

Here are a few tips…

Keep Positive: this can be hard at times, depending what life throws at us. It’s ok to have an off day and be fed up. However it’s very important that you work on bringing yourself back into a positive mood quickly. Talking about it can help, writing out your worries, chosing to do something you like or spending time with those who make you feel good can quickly help you put things aim for more highs than lows

Dream and Hope: Identify your real hopes and dreams and allow them to happen.

Fight: Decide what it is you really want in your life and fight with passion from the bottom of your heart for it.

Stick together: Associate yourself with like-minded people in a group or association and feel the buzz from those around you, it can be electrifying. Groups like this will give you support, encouragement, motivation, confidence and so much more that cannot be put into words.

Believe in yourself: If you don’t feel you can do it because you have been listening to brow beating and negativity of others, keep saying to yourself, I can do it, I know I can and really believe in yourself.

Don’t give up: Who said it was going to be easy? Remember when the going gets tough the tough get going! If you are having a bad day or a knock back, accept it and move on tomorrow with your chin held up high.

One day at a time: Avoid putting yourself under too much pressure, stress and strain. Take it slowly, don’t rush and become impatient, otherwise mistakes can be made and you will end up even more stressed and tired.

May 2010 bring you an ocean filled of great health, a stream of energy, a river of joy and prosperity..a sea of opportunities. Make it your best year yet by prioritizing YOU.