What’s Kinesiology all about?…

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce both Systematic Kinesiology and myself to you. My name is Gertrude Lawler and I am based in Co,Kildare, Ireland…I am a qualified food technologist and Kinesiologist… simply put that deals with all the safety and legal aspects of food production such as hygiene, product labelling, functionality of additives, E Numbers, what does and what shouldn’t go into your food..to give you just a brief idea!!!

I started studying Kinesiology almost five years ago now after a long search to feel well. For years I suffered from severe migraines, chest infections, chronic food sensitivities, tiredness, back problems and much more. Having experienced the beneficial treatments of Kinesiology first hand and the positive effects it had on my symptoms I came to appreciate how powerful the treatments were. It worked for me and I have incredible belief and faith that it will help you with your health problems too.

Kinesiology Pronounced (Kin-easy-ology) is a holistic health treatment involving muscle testing. During your treatment you will be asked to lie fully clothed on a plinth. The muscles in your arms & legs will be tested individually by placing them in different positions and asking you to resist while gentle pressure is applied to them in turn. Each muscle is related to different organs & parts of the body such as Thyroid, stomach, bowels, throat, jaw, liver etc.

To put it simply ‘You know how people commonly complain of being tired all of the time, suffering from not being able to sleep, exhausted, abdominal bloating, sluggish, no energy to play with the kids or to exercise, well what I do is test your muscles to see what is it that is draining your energy, causing the pain and so on.

The cause of your nagging health matters or low energy may be caused by a hidden food sensitivity or toxin in your system such as metals, virus, nasty bacteria, parasites, hormones, Other Imbalances can occur in the body due to high levels of ongoing repeated stress, eating in a rush, eating too many junk foods and not enough wholesome foods, not drinking enough water resulting in dehydration, lack of proper rest and a goodnights sleep, infections…

Kinesiology can help rebalance and restore the body to allow natural healing to occur. Treatment may include the use of nutrition, Bach flowers, lifestyle advice, emotional release techniques and massage of reflex points to name just a few! You may be amazed to find the simplest of changes sometimes can bring about the biggest difference in you.