Part 6 – Are you depressed?

Well here it is the wrap up of the past 5 weeks in which, I have been speaking with you about depression. So many of you have been in touch and said to me ‘it was if you were talking exactly about me…it’s like you know how I feel everyday’. I am encouraged and very happy as my reason for writing to you in the first place about this taboo subject was to help you, to help you feel less alone, and help you to believe there is a different way.

Everyone who comes to me saying they feel low, dejected, uninterested in life also says they feel tired, they can’t sleep and yet all they want to do is sleep. We all know when you miss a night’s sleep you won’t be in the best shape the next day. Miss days, weeks or even years of restful sleep and imagine what’s that’s doing to you. You will be like a bear with a sore head, cranky, irritable, moody! This is normal, please think about it, depression as it is called is the body as I said in part 1 being in a suppressed state. When that happens, so too is your energy. Show me the person who feels depressed who has loads of energy? It can’t happen!! When I work with people through a number of different techniques and methods I help them move out of whatever place they are STUCK in. So this is why I cannot give you one specific thing in which I do to make a difference as you and every single other person reading this, while being on the same road will be on a very different part of that road, so will need something different.

A man came to me the other day after reading one of these articles and he said he felt alive again after being in therapy for 25 years! He thanked me with tears of happiness running down his face as his life had been changed. So how can I help you? I will know exactly when I meet you, but to sum it up I will help you see things in a different light, I will encourage you, I will help you to believe in yourself, I will clearly layout for you the very next step you need to take, I will support you in every way I can, as I know support is what makes the world of difference. Please be good to yourself 🙂