Optimum weight…Success Tips for Weight Loss!

Over the past number of weeks we have covered numerous different angles for you to adopt, tweak or changeĀ  your diet, lifestyle, attitude, thinking, habits and so on. Here is a wrap up for you so you can pin these bullet points up and keep them as a reminder to keep you in tip top shape šŸ™‚

Take hot /cold showers regularly

to keep your immunity and metabolism boosted, it also helps with cleansing the lymphatic system and your bowels too so a very simple easy technique to build into your everyday routine to keep you slim, trim and happy and healthy too!

Ensure you have enough fibre in your diet.

Are you evacuating your bowels daily? If not, you need to be if you want to lose weight and most importantly keep healthy. Fibre is very important for the removal of waste from your body and is critical in removing cholesterol with bile from your system. High cholesterol can be related to little fibre in the diet and elimination problems.

Feeling hungry?

Plan your meals so you are eating frequently enough with good quality adequate nutrition. Hunger is often mistaken for boredom and dehydration. Drink 2lts of water per day (that can include herbal teas) and do not eat for comfort or because you are bored. Look at doing more of what you love and enjoy as a deeper more satisfying way of keeping you happy. Food is not the answer.

Be honest with yourself

…set yourself realistic practical goals and milestones. Work at a pace that suits you rather than trying to keep up with others and then quitting because you feel you are not good enough or you canā€™t. Be accountable to someone you can trust to help guide you, support you and encourage you along the way.

Having a bad day? Accept it and let it go. Focus on what you can do and what you want not on what you canā€™t. Everyone has a bad day so do not dwell on it or beat yourself up over it. That’s self-sabotage!

Value your body in every way possible.

It is the only place you have to live and it is the only one you will ever have. Listen to it and look after it like the most precious gift you have ever been given. Rest it well as and when needed. Move it lots to prevent it seizing it up and going out of shape. Love it with praise and encouragement. Feed it well as it depends on quality nutritious food so it can function at its optimum for you! Think of it and do not take it for granted, Treat it wellĀ todayĀ so it can be in the best place possible to help you live a happier healthier life as you age!

Get enough sleep!

Your body depends on sleep so it can heal, repair, detox, flush and cleanse. Without sufficient sleep the body does not get to go through these processes properly and over time you will suffer with one ailment after the next. A tired mind and body will struggle to exercise, eat well, and so on as the ā€˜couldnā€™t be botheredā€™ attitude and syndrome appears. Get bothered and start with getting enough sleep!

On that note, as fall into a deep sleepĀ visualiseĀ and dream of having the body you always wanted šŸ™‚