Optimum weight or struggling? Part III

We have already looked at ‘thinking differently’ regarding your weight and focusing on your metabolism to ensure you are burning off all which you eat. Obviously the more you get that butt moving, the greater you will feel, the more toned you will become and the healthier and fitter you will be too! It really is a win, win!!! This is nothing you haven’t heard of before so why then are you still struggling with losing that excess weight?

I find with my clients many know exactly what they should be doing, but they still cannot motivate themselves to do it, this is where I work closely with them in building up their self-esteem and helping them to get that ‘get up and go’ back. There is no pint in saying you want to lose weight, you wish you could lose weight, can’t understand why you can’t lose weight etc but first let’s get clear about what you really want and where you are right now.

So get yourself a notebook, Give it a name, e.g ‘My exercise journal’ or my feel fab, look fab journal, whatever is relevant for you! Then hop on the weighing scales and write down your weight today, put the scales away and recheck your progress in 3 weeks’ time. Do not weight yourself every day, it is self-sabotage and robs you of your confidence and strive. Your weight loss will not just happen overnight, it will be a culmination of a number of different factors. But in order to get anywhere you must be clear about where you are starting from! Then measure yourself, your hips and waistline. For now don’t worry about what you ‘should’ be, just get clear about where you are at.

Then write down what you are committing to change in order to make it happen! E.g I will walk 3 x 20 mins walks weekly. I will get up 10 minutes earlier and have breakfast, I will not eat past 8pm in the evening, etc write down 3 areas you will focus on. Then set yourself a mini goal, e.g by such a date, you will have lost 2lbs, be realistic! Or forget about your weight and focus on your route, so if it takes you 20 mins to do a particular route, every time you do it aim to do it at a quicker pace.

See you next time for part 4