Losing Weight – Don’t know where to start?

A familiar Question  “I’m trying to lose weight and craving sugar so much, please give me hints to get started”.

So many people know what they ‘should’ or need to be doing but struggle with actually getting started and implementing. Here are many steps and strategies to help get you off the blocks and up and running…

Make some time for yourself to sit down and write out exactly how you feel right now, list everything which is going on in your life and all the reasons or excuses you have used to date as to why you have not started or made a change.  Writing it down can really help you to become conscious of exactly where you are at right now. Then rip it up and let it go as a symbol of a completely new fresh start.

Get clear about how much weight you want to lose and by when… just writing down a figure and a date are not enough… that will rarely inspire you. Be specific as to why you want to lose the weight and how it will make you FEEL. For e.g. if you have a favourite outfit you would like to wear but right now it does not fit you, get out the outfit, see it every day, see yourself fitting comfortable into it and looking and feeling amazing. See yourself getting loads of compliments from others, see yourself with loads of energy to do all the things you want to do, this will keep you going when things get tough.

Forget about diet mentality, you must focus on the choices you make as long-term health and lifestyle changes. A diet will work for a few days or weeks and then you end up feeling so deprived you binge back on all the foods you went without.

As you are struggling with craving, identify what part of the day the cravings are worst and why at that time, is it because you are genuinely hungry? Have you skipped meals, are you dehydrated? If there is a specific pattern e.g. afternoon everyday then you must be prepared for that time of the day and do something different. Ensure your body is well hydrated with 2lts at least of fresh water everyday.

When the craving comes on feed your body water first, acknowledge the craving and give yourself something ‘sweet’ instead of something sugar based. A treat could be a hug, it could be a few mins out to breathe and relax and focus on your goal and overall weight loss vision.

Chlorella (Green powder) can work wonders at beating cravings, take 1/4 tsp 2-3 times daily as required throughout the day to balance blood sugars. Many people crave chocolate because they are actually deficient in magnesium. Take a good magnesium supplement to boost energy and beat cravings.

Sugar is often the craving because our bodies are tired, if you are tired the body is shouting at you for more energy, giving yourself a sugar hit is not the answer, it is too short lived creating more cravings. So eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg and home cooked meals and less processed foods and move your body more to burn off excess stored fuel.

Start TODAY.