Is Your Fuse Box Switched Out?

In each and every one of our homes we have an electrical fuse box. Its function is to provide us with control over specific areas of the home should we need to shut one off so we can repair, upgrade, add new electrical sockets lights etc. When there is an electrical fault, a surge of power, a thunder and lightening storm, a water leak or whatever, specific switches in the fuse box can trip out…

Now, have you realised our bodies equally have a fuse box and electrical supply system? The only difference is, in the body it is called our CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. This system is so crucial to our life, to our health more often than not we simply take it for granted or we are ignorant as to how it functions or how we may feel if one part of it is not working.

To explain in easy to understand language, think of the fuse box in your home as the brain in the body. Think of each fuse switch as a neuro-transmitter. Think of each electrical switch e.g. for turning the lighting on as nerve ending and chemical messages in the body. Neuro means nervous system…while transmitter means a unit which transmits a signal.

Neuro-transmitters are such defined, specific units in the body they control EVERY single move, action, thought we make both inside and outside our bodies. Yes, the brain and central nervous system is super-powerful. Examples of the main neuro-transmitters in the body are Dopamine, Serotonin, Adrenaline, Noradrenaline, GABA, Endorphins etc. Here is just a brief summary of their main functions. Dopamine relates to comfort, satisfaction, feelings of fullness after eating. Serotonin relates to ability to sleep well, our emotional state, our self-confidence. Adrenaline/Noradrenaline relates to energy, mental focus, clarity, and arousal. GABA relates to reducing anxiety, keeping you calm, ability to relax and so on.

Each and every one of these depends on specific nutrients to ensure they can function efficiently. Therefore if you have chronic stress within the body due to toxins in your system like a virus, parasites, metals etc they interfere with the neuro transmitter signals of  the body causing disruption. This in turn can create a negative knock on effect on each and every part of the body. The good news is I test for the functionality of these powerful chemical messengers and reboot them through feeding them the specific nutrients they require. Amino acids are essential for the optimal functioning of the neuro-transmitters. Examples, L-glutamine is great for boosting GABA, 5-HTP is essential for serotonin balance. For a well balanced healthy body a well balanced nutritious diet is essential. A variety of protein, complex carbohydrate, fat and water is a must.