How to Prevent Migraines

If you are a migraine sufferer, I know how you feel! The good news I believe you can get help despite what you may have been previously told. I suffered from debilitating migraines for well over 12 years with nausea, vomiting, severe soreness in the head following the ease of the blinding lights…it worsened as time went onto to numbness, paralysis on my left arm usually or even on my face…it was horrific and frightening.

The first time I got the numbness I was terrified, I thought I was having a stroke. Unfortunately all the doctors could do was give me the strongest painkillers on the market to take at the immediate onset of a symptom but they didn’t work!

In fact over time the effectiveness of the painkillers wears off and adds to congesting the body even further. Recently I worked with a woman who suffered from severe headaches and migraines for over 20 years, after our work together she is now completely free form any pain in her head.

Many feel migraines are something they have been inflicted with and must live with for the rest of their lives. I certainly do not believe this to be true as I believe there is a cause for everything. Finding out the cause of what is triggering your migraine is the only way to treat it. There are different causes for everyone.

As you have all heard before coffee, chocolate, cheese, bananas etc are all possible triggers for the onset of migraine…both for myself and through my treatments I  have rarely found this to be the case. It can be for some but usually it goes much deeper than that. A stressed out or burned out body, adrenal fatigue, a body overloaded with toxins like parasites, fungi, metals or a person who has TMJ Syndrome (Temporo mandibular Joint syndrome) jaw misalignment, or a person whom has neck issues or injuries from past accidents or traumas resulting in cranial, neck, or back damage, food intolerances, blood sugar imbalances, gut dysfunction, light sensitivity (from pineal gland imbalances), poor sleep, medications and so on can all lead to migraines.

Of course all of these things too can cause headaches but headaches differ greatly from migraines. Lower back problems can lead onto weak neck muscles from strain resulting in lack of blood supply, nerve supply etc to the head, result = headache/migraine.

Plenty of sleep, water, relaxation, GOOD POSTURE, stress management and wholesome food intake are all simple things that are very important in the prevention of migraines.

During testing and Treating all of the areas of the body will be assessed to pinpoint the underlying cause of your headache/migraine and treat it accordingly, with stress relief, nutrition boost if needed, toxin elimination, boosting blood and lymph supply etc.

Want to know more?

Lots more topics like this will be covered at my upcoming Healthy You day Aug 31st.   Email me for more details.