How to have Healthy Bones – Part IV

Lots of questions always arise on this topic, please bear with me as we continue with the bone health series as I know many of your questions will be answered then in full, if not always get in direct contact with me as your situation will be most likely unique to you. So in this part let’s continue on with outlining the underlying causes or risks involved in developing osteopenia and or osteoporosis.

Low Stomach acid levels of Hydrochloric acid. HCL for short! The only place HCL is present in the body is in your stomach. You are born with certain levels of HCL and thereafter the stomach produces more as and when needed , some people have naturally higher amounts than others which is actually a good thing unless they are excessive.

The main purpose of HCL in the body is in the digestion of your food and is mainly involved in digesting proteins. Low levels of HCL in the stomach can cause a host of problems such as chronic fatigue in the mornings even after a good night’s sleep, unexplained aches and pains all over the body, (heartburn, indigestion, reflux all can arise due to LOW HCL levels) as undigested food expands the stomach, weakening the tissue around the stomach/base of oesophagus and the partially digested food travels back up the oesophagus creating discomfort.

Most people are mistreated for having too much HCL at this time with antacids. Only a very small percentage of people actually produce too much HCL. The problem with low HCL in relation to bones is simple, you need HCL to actually absorb calcium. If you are taking in calcium and not properly absorbing it, it can cause other problems such as hardening of blood vessels, heartburn/indigestive type symptoms, stomach cramps and pains and symptoms of feeling unwell.  So what reduces you HCL levels in the first place…insufficient sleep, sleep is vitally important to replenish your natural stores of HCL.

Eating too much animal proteins such as dairy products, red meat, white meat and fish. Eating too quickly. Eating too much food at the one sitting. Eating late at night. Being on long term medication or excessive medication for short periods of time. Your age, naturally as we age the HCL levels decline and therefore should always be supplemented for so many health benefits but especially for helping you to maintain strong healthy bones.

Another reason for poor quality bones is lack of exercise. Exercise is extremely important when it comes to maintaining strong healthy bones. There is little point in eating a great diet high in all the minerals necessary for strong bones if those minerals are not compacted onto the bones.

Weight bearing exercise is very important here for building up strength of the muscles which in turn tugs on the bones to keep them strong. If the muscles and bones are not used they literally lose all their strength and de-mineralise. No matter what your age exercise is so important. Using light weights e.g. 5—g to 1000g can be plenty to begin with and use in high repetitions. For example repeated lifting of 1kg weight 50 times will have much more benefit to the muscle and bone than x10 reps of 5kg weight. Repetition is key.

So this week get serious about moving your body in some way if you are not already doing so.