How to beat the “I’m struggling” feeling!

I’m struggling or it is a struggle or life is too much of a struggle are very normal feelings. To be honest I think it is healthy for us to admit every now and again that things are tough and that we are struggling to get through different aspects of our lives. To feel you are struggling does not in anyway mean you are failing. We all have our limits.

We are all allowed to have off days and days where things just do not go according to plan. People struggle with all kinds of things, from tiny things in their lives to monumental things. The problem is we are the ones who judge ourselves.

Here are some examples of the most common struggles many of my clients suffer from:

Beating cravings

Their level of responsibility

People pleasing

Their weight

The image they have of their bodies

Having energy to get through their day

Feeling upbeat

Managing stress.

Sleep the whole night through

Eating a well balanced diet

Breaking negative impactful habits

Going through change in their lives

Feeling good about themselves and their self-esteem

Feeling healthy and happy and many others.

This article was inspired today through my own struggle of asking myself, what will I write today? My mind went blank and I was really struggling for a while, (writers block i think they call it!!). So I asked myself a few questions. What do people want to hear about? What are they interested in reading? What do they need help with? (as I said before please feel free to text or email me your questions or topics which you would like to know more about.)

So yes today I was struggling to think of something, so I went off and did some exercise and took a little break and then set myself a deadline to get it complete. I was then inspired to write about this as ‘struggle’ is a word I hear so often.

Struggle can make us feel lazy, useless, unworthy, depressed, alone, isolated, overwhelmed, panicked, confused, frustrated and more. Ongoing struggle can really have a detrimental impact upon our happiness, our zest for life and our health. Therefore the quicker you become aware you are actually struggling the better so you can start to feel happier, stronger and more empowered to take on your life again.

Ask yourself right now what are you struggling with or from, where are you struggling in your life right now? Get clear about it and write it down as it can really help the whole process. It can also help let go of the stress around it too!

See you next week for part 2 where I will give you practical tips to go from struggle to success and happiness.