How can I be Deficient?

One very common question I often get asked is this

‘How can I be deficient in ‘X’ when I eat healthy?’

Unfortunately there are many ways in which vital nutrients in our bodies get depleted over time. The first thing to understand is that your body will do whatever it has to in order to keep your functioning and alive the best it can, of course it can only keep this up for so long.

You will notice various symptoms appearing over time, e.g. mood changes, slower metabolism, sleep problems, energy  nothing like it used to be etc. The majority of people just ignore what their body is telling them or they do not understand what it is saying, they go to the doctor and get prescribed medication. This medication can work wonders at times in getting rid of the symptoms but rarely does anything long term to improve the health of the body so the body can function at its optimum and do what it I meant to do.

Nutrients can be depleted from our bodies by some of the following depletors…

Sugar, coffee, alcohol, excessive perspiration/sweating, high sodium diet, high refined carbohydrate diet, high calcium diet,  ,medical drugs/social drugs, mental stress, physical stress, imbalanced diet, lack of sleep,  dehydration…lack of water creates toxicity in the body, causes tension and stress within and therefore your body is not working at its optimum.

Smoking and tobacco smoke is also a depletor ( secondary smoke is poison to many people including me. I am very sensitive to smoke and find it very difficult to handle)

Taking nutrient supplements which are not food based but chemically derived. Chemically derived supplements are readily available low cost on the market. Many people take these instead of eating well. Many of these supplements are not absorbable in the body due to filling agents, anti-caking agents, glazing agents, binders, etc and often these create further problems in the body such as tiredness, liver congestion, kidney irritation, skin problems, constipation/diarrhoea etc

Check the labels and see what ingredients you cannot pronounce or understand. If there are lots of inactive ingredients in there, you are best to skip these and get food grade supplements or have a serious look at your diet or indeed both!

You may be eating well but the food you are eating is already low in nutrients depending on where it was grown. Minerals are rapidly being depleted from our soils due to unbalanced fertilisation, over production of crops, massive use of herbicides, pesticides etc. I have to say this problem really worries me.

With the level of abuse we give to our soil I worry where we will be in 10-15-20 years from now? I hope this article helps to give you a bigger picture of why you may not be feeling in tip top shape. It takes effort in today’s world to feel well but I feel it is so worth it. Everyday I work with people in helping them reshape their lives and create a healthier lifestyle. It is very possible for you to feel great and it may be  a lot easier than you think. Life is for living.

Wishing you lots and lots of life.