Healthy Winter Tips

There is no doubt the winter is here, and for many it is a season often disliked. It is not all about hibernating, however it is a time to take extra good care of ourselves as due to frequent weather changes, temperatures, cold winds, etc – our body needs extra protection. Here are some tips to keep you glowing healthy this winter.

1. Keep the body moving!

Do not just ‘stop’ exercising. You know how great and how important exercise is, it is extra beneficial when you get some fresh air in too. When going outdoors, wear proper outdoor clothing with many layers and something waterproof too and enjoy your walk, run, game of golf or whatever.

Of course it is a great time to go to the gym, or failing all that exercise at home. Use a gym ball, weights, mini trampoline, dance to your favourite music, play an active Wii game/Wii fit, use the stairs to get fit, use at home keep fit DVDs, stretches/toning exercises…see how much you can do no matter what the weather. All you need to do is do it. Start with a few minutes every-day and build it up. Have fun. If feeling cold, move your body as blood flow reduces when you are sitting/stagnant for long periods.

2. Eat with the seasons.

Right now the body needs warming up with delicious nutritious seasonal fruit and vegetables. It is the time to relish in your homemade soups, stews, casseroles, stir-fries…Avoid cold -foods/drinks straight from the fridge or freezer and avoid excess cooling foods such as salads.

Salads are brilliant but add some earth to them by using ginger/chilli/cayenne in your dressing, have warm cooked quinoa on top or baked sweet potato! This is especially important if you suffer from any form of digestive problems.

Always chew your food well and eat smaller portions more often. Also allow your drinking water to reach room temperature it is much more appetising this time of the year than ice cold which will deplete the energy from your kidneys and make you feel very cold.

3. Eat high quality proteins & complex carbohydrates

…such as whole-grains (brown rice, brown pasta, wholegrain flour) and this includes root veg like squashes, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. Complex carbohydrates act as the main energy reserve for the body. Often people crave excess junk in the winter because their serotonin levels (the feel good chemicals derived from sunshine) decline.

Beware of what is happening so in the New Year you are not fighting excess bulge in places you do not want it. 🙂 Supplement with Vitamin D 1000iu to help your overall health but especially your bone health, colon health, mood and lots more. Speak with your physician or practitioner first.  Add super foods such as wheatgrass, chlorella, barley grass, spirulina, cacao, goji berries, and avocados to your diet to boost your body in many ways.

4. Get more sleep.

The dark evening are there for a reason. Our immune systems have to work harder during the colder months and sleep boosts the immune system so you see how clever nature is! Use the dark cold winter season to catch up on plenty of rest as much as you can.

Happy Winter!