Happy Heart Finale..In Summary Wrap Up

Happy Heart Finale,

Well I hope over the past 6 weeks you have learned something new or have been reminded to take some healthier steps or become aware of the importance of looking after your health specifically your heart health as you life simply depends upon it!

Here is a brief summary of the past 6 weeks of happy heart health…

Cholesterol is a hormone . It is the precursor to all of the other hormones in the body such as testosterone, oestrogen’s, cortisol, etc and it plays a very important role in the body at the correct levels. High cholesterol levels are a great indicator that something else is not working properly in the body.

Fibre is very important in the diet for the removal of toxins, bile and cholesterol from the body. Ensure your gut health is optimal and you are eliminating waste through daily bowel movements.
Drink plenty of fluids up to 2 lots of depending on your age, activity level and overall health.
Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Ensure you do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily for 5 days per week such as dancing, cycling, jogging, brisk walking, cycling etc. these forms of exercise not only boost your cardiovascular health but also exercise is renowned for its feel good factors i.e exercise reduces stress hormones which elevate blood pressure in the first place.

Relax to lower blood pressure, emotional stress is often a huge factor in elevated blood pressure levels. Identify where possible what your stress triggers are and see how you can respond to them differently instead of reacting to them. Practice meditation, praying, quite time, reading, going for regular baths, getting more sleep, laughing more or whatever you like to do to relax…practice it more often! Live a stress free lifestyle as much as possible, so keep in mind anxiety is not doing your heart health or your blood pressure levels any favours.

If you are suspicious or worried about any heart issue, ensure you get it professionally checked by your doctor. Never just stop taking any prescribed medication without consulting your doctor. Other importune tests you need to keep an eye on are triglycerides level, cortisol levels, homocysteine levels and also get your calcification levels checked. Calcification tests will determine what level of plaque build up is in the coronary arteries and for some this is far more accurate as a means of assessing heart health as for the majority of people who suffer heart disease there are no obvious symptoms.

Right now place your hand on your chest, upper left and feel your heart beat. Close your eyes and listen to it. Then visualise & Think about what it does…its pumping blood filled with oxygen, vital nutrients and other essentials all around your body and into every one of your trillions of cells. One loving beat at a time. Give it thanks for your life today… keep practicing until you experience ‘’Happy heart’’ Syndrome in every are of your life 🙂 Thanks for reading, Keep well.