Empty glass syndrome!

You may be wondering what this syndrome is, bear with me and I shall explain! But first let me ask you a few simple questions?

Are you someone whom finds it difficult to say No?

Do you feel guilty if you do?

Are you on the go non stop because you feel you have to?

Are you feeling under pressure all of the time. Do you feel like your feet never touch the ground,

Are you constantly looking after others or giving of yourself?


If you answered YES, You are not alone!

Move over gents but this is definitely a syndrome I find far more commonly in women than men, no offence meant.I think us women tend to think we can multitask and yes we can because a lot of the time we simply have to, however when you concentrate on too many things at once your mind ends up frazzled, never-mind the impact it has on your health. Soon you can become an emotional wreck.

I have learned over time to do one thing as much as possible at a time and focus on it to completion and that boosts confidence, makes you more proactive so you get lots more done with less stress and it also helps to get rid of overwhelm.

When all cylinders are running at full steam the majority of the time, the gas tank quickly empties. When you are constantly making efforts to please others, to be accepted or liked or to feel included you will soon end up giving out so much of your time, energy and strength. The result is that you end up with ’empty glass syndrome’.

Stand over a sink and try this. Take a full glass of water, hold it over the sink at an angle, what happens? Some of the water comes out of course.  I use this to demonstrate to my clients that if they keep up this “out of balance lifestyle” they soon will have no water left in their glass, which really means you are pouring out and giving away so much of yourself. The end result is that you feel whacked out, burned out, exhausted, disrespected, taken for granted, resentful, frustrated, hurt and lots more.

You can change it.

First of all you need to become aware of exactly what pattern is present, and when it is occurring for you. Make out a list of people whom you feel is having this impact on you, then see if you can identify how each makes you feel and what one step can you take to make a difference for you.

You need to take time to recharge your batteries, to be true to yourself and refill your glass so you have some fuel left for you too, as you know I always say, YOU are most important to you. Even the pilot on take off of the aircraft will say, in the event of loss of oxygen, “put your own mask on first THEN attend to others.”

If you have no fuel left you are worthless not only to yourself but your loves ones too.

Just a little me-time can make the world of difference.

So what are you going to start doing to refill your cup? I would love to hear xx