Did you know worms in your gut can create havoc in your body and wipe out your energy?

Yes it’s true, your dog may not be only one in need of good de-worming!

Worms also know as Parasites can be living happily inside of you as we speak. . We all have a certain amount of them in our flora, however when the balance goes out of sync you become infested!!!

The most common symptoms are extreme tiredness, darkness around the eyes, itchy eyes, itchy bottom, itchy skin, food sensitivities, constipation/diarrhoea, tummy pain/bloating, runny/stuffed nose, sinus problems, excess mucus production and skin rashes to name just a few!! They can leave you feeling generally unwell without any real explanation for it. The degree of symptoms varies for each individual. They mainly live in the digestive tract and intestines but may also be found throughout the body.

But where do they come from you ask? They can be transferred via dirty hands, soil, unwashed salads, fruits & vegetables, water, undercooked meat, from mother to baby during pregnancy, pets in the house and so on. Generally they can have little or no effect on us but when your body is under par (highly stressed, after surgery) they can grip on for survival and cause an imbalance in your system usually in the gut, In doing so they lower your immunity.

85-95% of the population have them but they don’t know it. Parasites are organisms that live off the host like you and me. Some are big enough to be worms such as tapeworms, pinworms, hookworms etc others are microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye. They are highly intelligent organisms. Their purpose is to make themselves unknown, so they can survive and reproduce. They do not show up on scans, x-rays or colonoscopies/endoscopies.. so largely can go undetected for many years. They may not even show up in stool samples as there are so many types..if they are not specifically tested for they will not show.

Parasites thrive on your food and your nutrition especially sugar and dairy products. They are not life threatening but they leave you feeling extremely exhausted and drained as you are not fully benefiting from the food you eat. I suffered from parasites for years with many of the symptoms mentioned above until I discovered Kinesiology. Each parasite works in unique cycles, therefore they can be difficult to get rid of with prescribed medications as these medications are so general.

Good News: Once detected they can be treated very successfully. Treatment usually involves taking a supplement for the particular parasite and make changes to your diet/ lifestyle as necessary to reduce the burden on your system.  Also highly recommended to give your pets a regular worm dosing.