Detox to reboot your mind, body and spirit :-)

When you hear the word DETOX
Does your heart Sigh?

D- Declutter
E- Eliminate stress
T- Toxin reduction
O- Open your eyes
X- Xtra Special Me Time

Part 3 of 3

Okay so how have you gotten on with your DETOX so far? So many of my clients complain of tiredness and sluggishness and just general apathy and fatigue towards their lives…and as the saying goes “there is nothing like a good rest or change to help you feel differently”. You will be amazed by the difference in how you can feel inside and out by changing any clutter which may be built up in your environment. I could tell you endless stories of the changes it can make, people can feel lighter, brighter, freer, happier, more focused, more productive and simply in better form. If some room or area/space in your life bothers you or drains you, then you need to get rid of something form there in order to re-energise yourself and make your like fresher.

Cutting out sugar, processed foods, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, energising drinks etc can help you to lose weight, sleep better, get rid of lots digestive complaints, improve energy, mood and really every part of your bodily function.
Most people will have no trouble at all with detoxing and cleaning up their systems. Some will feel worse before they feel better. If you are craving the food you are trying to stay off of, have headaches, nausea, tiredness, increased bowel movements or others this is a sure sign your body really needs this break and needs you to continue.
It simple means you are suffering withdrawal symptoms. If you experience these symptoms take plenty of rest , fresh air and drink even more water as the body restores and rejuvenates itself. Eat fruit and veg high in water content to assist the body and replenish it with the nutrients it so desperately needs, things like nettle tea, watermelon, celery, cucumber, any veg juiced really will be super nourishing for your liver and cellular health. The toxins are being released into the bloodstream at a faster rate than which the liver can detoxify them, so keeping the liver in tip top shape is vitally important.
This will pass after a few days so you really must persist to see the true benefit. It only stands to reason if you have been doing something which has being negatively impacting your body and its health , just by avoiding that food or drink for 2-3 days WILL NOT and CANNOT suddenly cure all of your problems. It takes time and it requires overall lifestyle change and this is where I work with my clients and give them specific plans and nutrients etc to help them make and embed practical steps to help them make longterm beneficial health changes. in my book it is NEVER about the quick fixes as they NEVER WORK and create many other problems within your body. Treat yourself to something special if you decide to make some big dietary or lifestyle detox changes and you know where I am if you need any further assistance. Change can be difficult when doing git on our own, support for everything in life just make life easier. Wishing you a very happy healthy week and I encourage you to make one change tis week, cutout something which you know is not good for you, it can be a habit, a food, a drink, old clutter etc