Beating Stress with Vitamins..

Why Oranges just aren’t enough?

Are you suffering from tiredness, stress, lack of energy, breathing difficulties, bleeding gums, adrenal exhaustion? Are you prone to picking up infections or suffering from frequent colds and flu’s? Then you may need a boost of Vitamin C and B vitamins to kick start your immune system and adrenal glands again.

I often get asked the question, how can I be lacking in Vitamin C, I eat loads of fruit especially oranges everyday? Unfortunately it is not that simple. The body needs a constant daily supply of vitamin C at a recommended dose of at least 1000mg…that is alot of oranges! Also many supplements are filled with bulking agents so even though you believe you are taking a good supplement only half of the contents or less of the tablet or capsule may in fact be vitamin C powder. Check the labels on the bottle for other ingredients, the higher their percentage the lower the actual nutrient content. Also some ingredients added are actually known to inhibit the absorption of the nutrient in the capsule.

The most important thing to remember about nutrition that it is indeed supplied by the food or liquids ,which pass through our lips. However it is not the only factor in determining your nutritional or health status. You may be someone who eats extremely healthy but still not feel well or energised as your system is not absorbing it. Lack of absorption may be due to long term stress, food intolerances, toxins in the system, failure to thoroughly chew your food and so on.

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. It is a water soluble vitamin which means it is not stored in the body and therefore daily intake is necessary. It is easily destroyed during food storage & preparation. This includes over cooking vegetables.

Vitamin C Is rapidly depleted from the body due to stress, alcohol and smoking.  Diets high in excess fried foods/saturated fat intake will also deplete the bodies supplies. If it is not in the body it cannot carry out its functions.

Overall Benefits of Vitamin C include, It is recommended for people prone to having frequent colds and infections. It is beneficial for people during convalescence from serious illness, for those lacking in energy, bleeding/tender gums, people who bruise easily. It is a also a powerful antioxidant and overall has magnificent immune boosting properties.

Most common Foods sources: Green veg, Cabbage, watercress, peppers, broccoli, Kiwi fruit, melons, lemons, oranges, just to name a few!

See part 2 next week of more ways to boost your body and adrenals with nutritional supplements…