Are you too old to play?

The majority of my clients are adults and one of the most common themes across people’s lives is that they feel they are too old to play! One in four adults have no leisure activities or physical activity in their lives. We are all too familiar with the old saying that “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” and this is very true.

As a general rule when we are young we play, we use our imagination and we do not waste our time thinking about ‘what do others think of me?’ As a society when we get older we are expected to work and take on responsibility which of course are all natural parts of adulthood and life, however it is also so important for your health, your well-being, your inner happiness, your frame of mind that you keep up a certain level of play and I am certainly not talking about over indulging in things like alcohol, drugs, gambling etc. I’m talking about good old fashioned fun!

“Play is like the lost key… It unlocks the door to inner self” let me explain. Think about this, no matter what age you are today, you once were a young child, you once were a younger version of you. What did you enjoy to do as a child? What toys did you play with, what games did you play with? One of the most important things you can do for your energy , your mood, your well-being, your happiness today is recall some of those joyful memories.

Physical Play is so important for a child’s growth, development and health.  The laughter, the interaction between child and parent, the development of relationships is critical to ones sanity and well-being. Play is crucial at every stage of life. In play, we discover pleasure, joy, cultivate feelings of accomplishment, and acquire a sense of belonging. When we play, we learn and mature and find an outlet for stress. Play helps us see the world in a more joyful way. Play helps us to be less serious with ourselves. Play can help your imagination and creativity to spring to life. Play can help the real you shine through!

When we are completely involved in play our cares and worries disappear. Playing a game of cards, articulate, or something physical like squash, soccer or being thoroughly engrossed in a good novel, allows us to feel pleasurably alive and light-hearted.

There is nothing like play to allow us to be present in the moment. Its Santa time! There is no better time to put onto your list something you would like, perhaps a teddy, a jigsaw, some arts and crafts, Lego, anything at all which you like to help you ‘Play’ again. I would like to wish all of my readers a very happy Christmas and blessed New Year.

Thanks for all your support and feedback throughout the year.